Friday 26 September 2008

Clothes Maketh The Woman

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in posession of a credit card, must be in want of a shop (or 6)

My name is auntiegwen and I am a shopper, not to Olympic standard like the daughters but I'm not too shabby.

I like clothes and shoes and handbags but I'm not particularly adventurous, I tend to buy the same types of things. I have in my posession 4 grey cardigans, I'm too scared to count my Petit Bateau childrens vests (age 12) and my jeans (Gap) so regular me is jeans, vest tops and a cardie, I am very fond of my grey cashmere Gap one and also my new long boyfriend one from M and S.

Due to a change in hours and timetabling I have to be smart 4 days per week now, I used to only have to do 2, that's hard. I'm of an age (you probably noticed) and I want to look stylish but not old enough to know better, and that's becoming tricky, I'm not ready to look like a middle aged woman. I think because from age 18 to 33 I didn't have to think about work clothes because I was in a nurses uniform, so I do casual well, I'm told I scrub up well in my posh going out stuff but work ????

At school, my students really do critique what I wear and my fondness for wrap around DVF style dresses (2 black, long sleeved and sleeveless, 1 black and red, 1 black and grey and 2 green) makes Eldest Beautiful Daughter call me a refugee from a Boden catalogue. Incidentally these draw the most comments from staff, last week I got 3 compliments in my green Boden wrap round. Students tend to like trouser and long cardi combo's.

Yesterday I went off in black trousers, a fitted white shirt and a black waistcoat and I was feeling very what smart until Rik, my head of department said " Looking smart today, auntie, off to referee a snooker match at lunchtime ? "

No, but I'm off shopping today to find smart, stylish, age appropriate clothes that are as comfy as my jeans, vest top and cardi combos, am I asking too much ?


Anonymous said...

Not at all. You find what you feel good in and to hell with the rest of the world. God, I love shopping! Bought 2 new dresses and a pair of shoes just yesterday.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

As long as you don't have your skirt tucked into your knickers who cares eh?! But I do know what you mean. I have a neighbour in her forties who dresses like Kevin and Perry in combat trousers, t-shirts and hoodies. She drives a Rav summat or other that a teenager would look good in. She likes younger men - sorry state of affairs because she just can't or won't grow up gracefully!

I have to say, though, the shopping gene passed my by - can't bear it!

Hope you find something supah to weah dahlink!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I have no money to shop at the moment and I miss it......oh I miss it. I wish I had your M&S boyfriend cardi (i know which one you mean - I have seen it) I bought a cheaper version from Top Shop. I am stuck in the age of Top Shop versus Boden. Do I become middle class, middle age mum or scruffy inappropriate Sienna a-like which is fine when working in London, but just looks messy in the burbs. Hmm.

indigo16 said...

I am older and fatter than you so tend towards the dreaded layers.
The problem with updating a wardrobe is that you need to do it a little, but often.
You sound like classic Banana Republic material. Sadly only available in London.
I used to love House of Frasier, it has an amazing variety and the sales are good too.
Have fun!
The fun is in the shopping

ME said...

Not asking too much at all. I find it very hard to shop for clothing that tells people who I am, that is stylish, and age appropriate.

Shirley said...

I'll lend you my daughter to go shopping with. She puts together the most amazing outfits, and it's wasted on me because I can't care less about such things. Shopping itself is just one of the evil necessities of life -- like paying bills or cleaning toilets. You and I have much in common but this isn't one of them. Sorry ;)

Mom/Mum said...

Not at all..but am with you on the dreaded cool but smart look. It's hard to achieve I think.I still dress like I did when I was 25 - though the belly baring tops have gone, I worry that I I'm like mob's neighbour and would be mortified if anyone thought i was like Kevin the teenage!

scrappysue said...

there's just no winning is there? remember, colour is your friend...

Working Mum said...

I'm afraid you are. Smart, suitable clothes for thirty somethings are so hard to find. I buy three suits and five blouses each year for work, that will have to do. I'm off to the Trafford Centre today to try to find casual stuff - wish me luck!

Now handbags - they're sooooo easy!

Neil said...

Forget shopping... what the hell's wrong with the nurse's uniform 24/7???

rebeckajane said...

I hate shopping! unless I have loads of money to spend, which is never.

Every time I see that picture of your children I am amazed at how much your eldest daughter looks like one of my younger sisters. Mind you she is now 30 but if you put a picture of your daughter and my sister together when my sister was a teenager, they could easily pass for twins.


Sarah said...

I'm due for a visit from my clothes lady. Every six months she comes to see me at home with bags and bags of goodies she knows I'll probably like, in my size, natch. I go through them, try them on and take or discard as they come.

It's so cool and takes all the worry of shopping out of buying clothes. She knows my style too, so gets me stuff for work and play.

It does mean I don't have to step foot inside a shop which, as I never like anything or it's too long, is a BIG relief.

Cheaper too. :)

Fancy being an ex-punk. How cool is that?!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I am of the same age, and it is getting trickier, but I have the same desire as you. Thanks for commenting on my blog and visiting via the black box!

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - gotta love the shoes !

Mob - that's the bit that terrifies me !

ACTTF - maybe we should open a shop ? providing all the clothing needs of 30,40 and 50 something women, and we could have cakes and coffee and jewellery and waste your money type stuff too ?

Alison - I love Banana Republic, bought lots when on hol in USA, must do a day trip to London.

Craze - I thought it's be better in America, you've got Banana Republic ?!!!

Shirley - I'm good at casual stuff, honest !

Mom/Mum - I'm still in my jeans, vest tops and cardies !

Sue - thank you, nearly everything in my wardrobe is grey, I wonder what that says about me ?

WM - got some new shirts and a handbag in good old M&S, both shirts Satin, 1 grey of course but Sue be proud, 1 in teal, go me, colour !

Neily, Neily, Neily - they don't give the real nurses the uniforms you get in Anne Summers, doh !

Becka - ooh, she's got a double on the other side of the world !, are your family Scots/Irish too ?

Sarah - a lady who brings you clothes, how good is that ? and my lovely bloggy friend Laura says I'm still a punk I just don't dress like 1 any more !

DFTF - it seems like a conundrum the world over, which means that there is a lot of money to be made, you'd think someone would catch on

Anonymous said...

Interesting..! I love shopping, just got a new fall dress from Boden.