Monday 8 September 2008

Drunkety, drunk, drunk...again

Saturday evening

Friend's 40th (quite a special friend)

Out in town, 3 coats of mascara and hair up, was told I was looking "foxy", also had been informed that I was irresistable , this was a good week for your auntie, premium quality mush was coming my way.

Copious amounts of flirting, truly outrageous amounts, not behaving age appropriately AT ALL, in fact, behaving very badly in 1 bar, your auntie was definitely on a promise

3 glasses of the pink stuff, I kid you not, only 3

1 cheeky/sneaky fag, of the regular variety

1 extremely dizzy auntiegwen

Ashamed to say, did actually vomit, in public, I know, the shame of it, on my sexy L.K.Bennett £129 shoes too !

Was taken home

Managed to take clothes off, brush teeth and put myself to bed, alone, in my fancy underwear, which didn't get the appreciation it deserved on the cost per wear aspect.

Fell fast asleep

Birthday friend waited for an hour

Birthday friend then drove home ( miles away, at least 40 miles) but phoned several times to check on me

Still fast asleep, didn't answer any calls or return texts

Was awakened by friend, next morning, who's driven back because they've spent the whole night worrying about me

Lovely friend didn't yell at me for spoiling evening, or worrying them half to death, even brought me my coffee in bed.

I didn't even have the decency to be hung over !

Again, I apologize for my outrageous behaviour, I spend a lot of time apologizing ! usually to the same person. I have to face sad facts, I am going to have to grow up.


Anonymous said...

Oh girlfriend! lol Reading your post just cracked me up! Craze and I were just texting yesterday that we felt great b/c we haven't been partying like that in awhile. I haven't drank a drop of anything alcoholic in a week (b/c I'm quitting smoking) and this morning I told her it felt good being able to remember the ENTIRE weekend! lol

Hope you're feeling much better and sorry to hear about your shoes!

TheOnlineStylist said...

Hi auntie Gwen!
Just found your blog via Tara at Dawn till rusk. Sounds like you are an amazing mum.... I hope that my daughter will one day get the chance to mosh with her mum at a concert! Tho seeing as she's only three and Im forty next year I think she might be pushing me along in my wheelchair!

Neil said...

Rock 'n roll baby!!!

scrappysue said...

nah! growing up is over-rated. you have great friends

Buddhist in Training said...

Oh no! Not the shoes!! Please don't grow up auntiegwen, just learn to be more aware of the shoes, or you could tie rather sexy plastic bags over them before you go out.

Me and my hubby have been invited to go to Newcastle for the weekend soon, and I have a feeeling I will have stories like this to tell!! They will make you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad about the shoes! Still sounds like hella fun girl! I have to say I'm quite jealous. Spent Saturday night on my couch alone with a couple glasses of wine after getting blown off by G again. Your night sounds waaaayyyy more fun!

ME said...

Nothing wrong with tearing it up once in awhile.

DAB said...

No! Don't grow up stay for ever young sweetie. Life is far too short. (Remember Punk) TFx

Anonymous said...

Are there any photos ?

Squirmy Popple said...

It happens to the best of us!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ha ha ha ha. Love it. Not the vomiting bit, that's not a good look. Sounds like you peaked a little too soon Auntie. Pace yourself next time then your fancy knickers might get seen!

Anonymous said...

how funny! shame indeed about the LKB shoes....maybe get patent leather next time ...wipe clean!!

mannanan said...

Been there done that bought the T shirt though I certainly wouldn't have bought shoes at £129 for a pair. But then again I'm a man so what do I know....
Nice to know that there are other Roddy Doyle fans out there. Love the film Committments and the Barrytown trilogy is just ace but my favouirite of all his books is Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

rebeckajane said...

Thank you for the giggle, I needed it! xo

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you could share this with us. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to repost this on my group at for discussing.

Thanks again.

FOXY1969 said...

arrgh!! Please don't grow up! That is like sooo dull!
What will you blog about if you become dull??


Anonymous said...

I don't know where to start! ;-)

1) Glad you had a good time.
2) You vomited on your shoes??!!!
3) Glad he was gentleman enough not to pounce on you while you were passed out in your sexy undies.
4) Glad he was gent enough to come back and check on you the next day.
5) Just you wait til I see you tomorrow!!!!!!!


auntiegwen said...

Cece - ok I'll give you your moment of smugness !

that girl - thanks, I'll prob still be going in my wheelchair !

Neil - my alcohol tolerance is getting lower year by year, WTF?

Sue - thanks, I have GREAT friends both bloggy and regular, some are both !

Berthddu - my shoes are fine, quality always pays in t'end, will look forward to your Geordie adventure !

Lisa - you're very patient with G, I'd be getting severely ticked off by now, save your pennies and we'll have a night out together !

Craze - I promise, I'm a good girl the rest of the time ! (well, goodish!)

TF - you're so right, I'll keep on misbehaving for a bitty longer !

Anon/IT God - forgot our blog password did we ?, I don't know darlin, I was asleep , did you take any ? or were you too busy in my downstairs loo ?

Katie - thanks, but I do feel slightly sheepish

ACTTF - I'll remember, now I can only have 2 glasses maximum, I can remember when I could easily drink a bottle !

What happened - the shoes survived nicely thanks

Mannanan - Roddy Doyle is ace, isn't he ?

Becka - as always, sending you the love

Julia - I have no idea how you could discuss this usefully unless you are educating 40 something women to stay sober and age gracefully !

Foxy - most of my life is deadly dull ! honest, only the stuff with him makes me behave age inappropriately !

Sixy - my lovely, glad you're back on line, even on Saturday, when I was indulging in some bad behaviour I was not asked to leave the premises... anyway, takes one to know one !!! xxx

david mcmahon said...

I once wrote a teetotaller's guide to the pubs of Alaska!

I might be the only Aussie who doesn't drink!