Sunday 28 September 2008

I've been a good girl, I have

This weeks total of bad behaviour

I have eaten a whole Fruit and Nut toblerone, bought to accompany the viewing of my new Sex and The City DVD.

Out on Wednesday night, 3 glasses of pink fizzy, no sneaky fags, no snogging.

Out on Friday night, 2 Gin and Tonics, 1 sneaky fag, no snogging.

Out on Saturday night, 1 glass of pink, 2 and a half sneaky fags, copious amounts of snogging, on the rooftop terrace of a bar and then (hangs head in shame) more snogging on the back seat of a BMW (I know,everybody hates BMW drivers but I can't escape them, only BMW drivers find me attractive)


I have ran twice (to combat the fruit and nut toblerone)

I went to church this morning for Harvest festival, so I think overall, your auntie has behaved quite well this week.


Laura said...

Yes I think you have behaved very well, have a bar of fruit and nut on me :O)

As for blogging against JL, I would love you too lol BUT they have eye's and ears EVERYHWERE and they will sue so I wouldn't risk it. But defo skoosh the free samples lol

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh yes you are such a good girl. Take a bow, grab a rosette and enjoy the applause my sweet pal! That is a very conservative roll call altogether. I am shamed by your ability to control your eating drinking and instigating all that running! You are an inspiration dear girl. All the best Auntie, your blog is so great.

Shirley said...

Out three nights in one week? How did you manage that?

Color me envious.

Tim Atkinson said...

And the sneaky fags no doubt did wonders for your voice when singing all those harvest hymns!

scrappysue said...

a well-balanced week to be sure!!!

candoor said...

hello :)

there is something infectiously attractive in your writing, a positivity and honesty and humor and intangible... so if you don't mind too much, i am going to try to return and read some more...

thank you for the smile i am wearing :)


Mean Mom said...

You can't keep this up, forever, though, surely? The halo has to slip, sooner or later. Can't wait for the summary of next week's escapades!

I've never snogged in the back of a BMW, in the whole of my life. I think I snogged in the back of a Ford Granada, once. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my week. Well, minus the snogging and adding about 20 times the fags, but hey...Okay, so not so much. :D

TheOnlineStylist said...

Oooh Auntie G! SATC the movie is much better accompanied by fruit and nut! I had some whilst watching my copy last week - to take away the red wine after taste!
Try snogging an Audi driver... often better than BMW drivers!!

DAB said...

"I went to church this morning..." for a brief moment I thought you were going to say you went to confession! There's nowt wrong with snogging - exercise for the lips methinks. Now Sweetie BMW! there was me thinking you were a classy woman:) TFx

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Sounds a great week to me! Much more exciting than mine! I would love to do copious amounts of snogging and have a sneaky fag. Obv not at the same time...

ME said...

You go girl! I'm surprised flamed didn't emerge from you when you entered the church! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Why pamper life's complexity when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat ?

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Nice Mozzer quote.

And Auntie G, that is being naughty like Sooty, or being bad like Spartacus. In other words, not much. Well done on a weekend off.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Nice Mozzer quote.

And Auntie G, that is being naughty like Sooty, or being bad like Spartacus. In other words, not much. Well done on a weekend off.

Neil said...

I am totally disgusted, not to mention disappointed and a touch saddened. I mean really, "I have RAN.." What kinda learnin' did you get in skool? It should be "I have RUN.."

Polgara said...

Thanks for the comment.
Your children are beautiful!
Pol x

Squirmy Popple said...

The Harvest festival - so THAT'S why I kept seeing people walking to church with carrots and potatoes in their hands. I'm not a regular churchgoer, but I figured that wasn't an everyday thing.

Nota Bene said...

Ah snogging. Snogging's good..but if ever I mention that word in front of my 'grown-up' friends they look at me as if I have a third arm growing out of my head.

And by the way...I don't believe you evr get in the back seat of a BMW 'just' for a snog

auntiegwen said...

Lolly - I will indeed continue our family campaign of unfolding and free skooshing

Mobsie - my dear darling matey, my bog isn't even coherent most days and I am shamed when I think of the beautifully poignant prose that characterizes your own, but I thank you muchly. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as my mammy says.

Shirley - it's because I don't watch telly, got the time, you see

Tim - as my nearest and dearest will tell you, I couldn't hold a tune in a bucket

Sue - thank you lovey, I think so

Ric - thank you for your kind words, I am extremely pleased to be the woman who made you smile

MM - a Ford Granada, well, well, a lot less shameful than the BMW but himself likes it and it is significantly cleaner and tidier than my car, which really horrifies himself

Lisa - the snogging and the fags are becoming a motif ! hope some frantic snogging comes your way this week xx

That girl - I can only concur, you are a woman after my own heart, SATC, red wine and chocolate, you always know when you meet one of your own kind, but I'm now feeling sorry for himself as he does actually like his car

TF - what can I do ? I don't think he'll change it, poor It God, he'll get a complex

ACTTF - tricky to pull off the simultaneous snogging and smoking with aplomb !

Craze - am I really that bad ?

Anon/IT God - do you never sign in ? and I wasn't on the passenger seat as I'm sure the security camera footage which is now on youtube will show x

Eddie - will you tell that to Craze, she thinks I'm going to burn !

Neily, Neily, Neily, what can I say, you are, of course, right, as you are in most things but I feel, if you could climb out of your jammies and over the pizza boxes and get your feckin trainers on and run your own self, you'd be so knackered you wouldn't be able to correct me, as you do, so often and so well. Not one cheap gag about spanking shall I crack (sorry cri)

Pol - you're welcome, enjoy your baby, as they do become significantly less cute with age !

Katie - you can never tell in Maryhill though !

NB - I only snogged him, honest !

Mom/Mum said...

What a great week auntie. With you being out three nights (how'd you score that luxury?) I think you were very restrained on the sneaky fags!