Monday 15 September 2008

Glasvegas at The Plug

Last night we went to see Glasvegas at The Plug in Sheffield. They're a band from Glasgow and have become very special to us. This was a romantic gesture from himself to me and the gig meant a lot to us. Strange band to be romantic to but hey, we wouldn't be any other way.

Apologies for the plentiful swearing, it may not be everyones cup of tea but I love them, they're raw and I'm from Glasgow and an ex punk, I can cope with a bit swearing.

I won't wax lyrical
a because I can't and
b because himself wants to write about it when he remembers his blogger password.

So I'll give you the non music bits and less considered prose.

I had to translate quite a bit,eg a square go means a challenge to a fight, himself hasn't been blessed and isn't Scottish like me, so some of our more quaint sayings bemuse him. I did think that most of the audience had no clue what the band were trying to say.

He took me to see the Fuck the English, Scotland the Brave graffiti that was a kind of make up gesture after a little disagreement.

I lost 1 of my best earrings (Gucci, white gold, I know I'm sad about that too, no I don't know why I wore them either)

From the fountains to the carpark, I had a blast and there is no one else I'd have wanted to see them with.

So please click on the logo Glasvegas and read the proper review.


Buddhist in Training said...

So glad you enjoyed your night out, and glad you weren't drunkety drunk drunk again! Sorry about your earring, so frustrating isn't it? You have beautiful jewellery and are too afraid to wear it, when you do - that happens. Arrgh

Anonymous said...

Glad you went girl and that you had a good time. Sucks about the earring though. Ugh!

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Ha! I see your Glasvegas and trump you with The View, at Norwich Arts, in November!

Yes, I KNOW I'm 40....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely night xx

*zips mouth*

Laura said...

aaaw your poor earing :O( next time superglue them to your lugs

Glasvegas are great i agree.

As for ex-punk I don't belive you are ever an ex-punk, you just stop looking like one.

auntiegwen said...

berthddu - Eldest Beautiful Daughter assures me I'll be much more edgy with 1 long dangly Gucci and 1 stud !

Lisa - it was good, we didn't even disagree ! score

Eddie - good to see the middle aged man can still be excited, that bodes well for me !

Sixy - you know I love you, but not a feckin word

Laura - they are fabby, and you're right about not looking like a punk, I'm still in my work clothes, of a Boden wrap round dress !!!! how middle aged and classed !