Monday 20 April 2009

Back to School, that Monday morning feeling.

At the beginning of every school holiday I used to make myself a list of all the things I was going to achieve. I sat there like a happy wee scone with my Starbucks venti size coffee mug full, in my bed on the first moning and made myself THE LIST and I'd write "TO DO" and underline it and everything.

All the little jobs that pile up in termtime as I barely have time do do the mummying, teaching/prepping/marking, cleaning, household repairs and driving them to activities. You know, for me, living is a full time job. You're probably the same yourself.

All the things like optician's appointments (although 2 of my 3 children are supposed to wear glasses and I pay exorbitant amounts for designer frames, do I think they actually use them ? I suspect not), dental check ups, smear tests (just for me, don't be alarmed), cleaning the oven, sewing buttons on etc, replacing lost school kit, having shoes re heeled, passport photos, booking a holiday etc etc etc, to get the jist of this, you could probably look at your own list, I'm sure would have a generic one we could all use.

Sometimes I'd even start off with a few things I'd already done just so I could draw a very satisfying line all the way through them and then at night in bed I'd strike off all the things I'd achieved, you know the kind of stuff, achieved world peace (rationed kids to 2 hours computer time each without tears, tantrums or blows), found a cure for cancer (finally, Glory be To God in The Highest, got rid of Beautiful Baby Daughter's nits),cleaned the kitchen floor.

This holiday I didn't even bother with a list, I knew I had to clean the oven, I knew the kids all needed passport photos and application forms, I knew that my beloved gap grey cashmere boyfriend cardie still has a wee tiny rent at the seam, I knew I needed a smear test, I knew I had to do a powerpoint on the Musculo skeletal system for my A level group for lesson 1 and 2 today, I knew I needed a new scheme of work for every course I teach (A level, As level, yr 10 Btec and year 12 Btec, and finally nursery nurses) I knew the whole house needed cleaning and truth be told redecorating.

And now you know what I didn't manage to achieve.


Tim Atkinson said...

That's an achievement in itself, in a funny kind of way!

Working Mum said...

On the other hand, you've maintained your blog!

Surely the sixth form must be going on study leave soon and you can do those schemes of work then? Not only do I have holiday jobs I can't do in term time, I have 'study leave' jobs that I can't do on a full timetable!

lisaq said...

Ugh! I'm horrible with lists. If I make them at all, I misplace or forget about them. I don't always get everything done exactly when it's supposed to be done, but somehow I manage to muddle through.

Nota Bene said...

Well perhap you could write a list now...of all the things you did do over the Easter holidays, then cross them all off.

Shirley said...

I like Nota Bene's idea.
I used to do lists -- with great satisfaction -- but now they're just depressing. Seeing the bloody mountain of stuff I don't want to do takes me down faster than a death in the family. Besides, I've run across old lists from six years ago, and some of the stuff *still* isn't done. So my newish motto is, "Shirley, lower thy expectations!" I'll let you use it too, if you want.

DAB said...

Ahhh, But did you have a good break? Try to do the stuff you enjoy in life for we're here for such a short time. Plus you don't want to be sitting in your rocking chair as an old lady thinking
"I was such a good housewife my kitchen floor was always sparkling clean!" No! You want to remember all the naughty stuff you got upto in your life ;-) TFx

Anonymous said...

My mum is a teacher and does the same. Last time I checked she had "rest" at the bottom of it.

auntiegwen said...

Tim - thanks for that, I feel better now

WM - as soon as our 6th form finish their exams, we start year 13 work for our current year 12 ! our school disapproves of study leave

Lisa - organised chaos is where we're at

NB - it would read, sleep, blog, mess about on t'internet and that would be it (current porn is the don't worry, it's a girl thing

Shirley - thank you but I don't think my expectations of myself could get any lower

TF - you're right, sadly no naughty stuff was got up to but I did actually just live and that was nice

LKSN - yep, I empathise and I'm sure the other teachers who read this blog will too !