Friday 3 April 2009

Not 1 but 2

I read in The Telegraph that having a sister made you happier

So kind and generous to a fault Mummy that I am, I provided 2 of these bounteous gifts to my darling only son.

Does he appreciate the magnificence of the gesture ?

I think not.


Nota Bene said...

He has my sympathy...all those women to deal with...oh oh oh :-)

lisaq said... day he will girl. One day he will...

Tim Atkinson said...

Yes - what lisaq said. It's worth all, er... effort, NB! (*ducks*)

DAB said...

The Telegraph?!!! He will :) TFx

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think Master P would agree 100%! xx

Working Mum said...

Not yet, but he will. I've spent my entire life looking after my brother (even though he only arrived when I was three). I still look after him now and he's married!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

When it enables him to be a better partner to his Significant Other, because he's more in touch with his feminine side and more understanding, then he'll thank you Auntie Gwennie... You could suggest he could pay off your mortgage then by way of recompense?! Just a thought... xx

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

He's probably being too grateful to have such a grat mum! Sisters ae annoying until you grow up!

Mean Mom said...

As an only child, myself, I can assure you that the day will dawn when your son will be grateful for any sibling of any sex!

Brother Tobias said...

Sisters-in-law can be fun. Perhaps it meant those?

auntiegwen said...

NB - cheeky fecker that you are

Lisa- I hope so

Tim - I'm sure Charlie will be grateful in time

TF - oh yes, your auntie often reads the Telegraph, unlike some people in my life, who read The Daily Mail and tell me it's a proper paper, it's not

Pen - master P indeedly would x

WM - just like my EBD, she looks after him too, she was 3 when he was born as well

Fhina - I hope so, as long as he isn't a lap dancer or gets pregnant, nope sorry that's the other worry, as long as he stays out of borstal and unpierced (I felt your pain xx)

Mobs - I am still his favourite person in the world thankfully

MM - having read all your recent stuff, I know how much you mean that

Brother Tobias - Christmas must be fun in your family !!!!