Friday 3 December 2010

Nature v Nurture

The Beautiful Son and his first girlfriend have split up. Eldest Beautiful Daughter read it on the book of face and told me. I told Beautiful Baby Daughter and explained that although he annoys the crap out of her, she was to make allowances and under no circumstances give him a hard time.

I asked him how he was and he actually said "These things happen, it just wasn't working" I was a nice kind Mummy and didn't laugh, it was a 6 month thing, that's fairly heavy duty at his age.

Readers, we were worn out being nice to him, I was fetching cups of coffee in bed for him, watching what he wanted on TV, ordering pizza in, trying really, really hard to wrap him up in a big blanket of love.

I shouldn't have bothered.

Eldest Beautiful Daughter read his Formspring (for the middle aged non facebookers amongst you it is a thing where you can ask him anything and you can remain anonymous)

On this Formspring there were several enquiries asking why he'd dumped her, heavy duty guilt about how miserable she is, lots of comments on the new leggy blonde thing who has been worshipping at the altar of Jack for several months and a few enquiries about his parentage. I can assure you I was married to his dad, I have the lawyers bill to prove it.

I was not happy.

Neither were his sisters.

So, this bold boy of mine, who had been brought up to respect, no, actually revere women has dumped a lovely wee girl, has had a replacement lined up, had us, the women in his life in flitters looking after him because we think he's been dumped and not cracked a light?

As his big sister says "We fail, he's turned into a bloke"


Muddling Along said...

I think his big sister has got it to a 't'

Hopefully in time, by osmosis, he'll return from the world of bloke

Nota Bene said...


Sueann said...

Yep! He turned into one of them...Sigh! Sorry mom!!

auntiegwen said...

MaM - Christ I hope so

NB - I will put you on the naughty step and for your real age in minutes not just the 37 you tell everyone you are

SueAnn- I know, I thought the oestrogen in the air would help, apparently not

Gigi said...

Those boys. No matter what we do their genes always seem to come into play!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Off to check out Formspring as I know lots of people I'd like to ask anonymous questions of, and hopefully the BS is just going through a phase xxx

AGuidingLife said...

Ahh, but there lies the boy who cried wolf. The next time it may be the shoe on the other appendage and his nearest and dearest will not be inclined to be so kind. He will learn about which woman you 'play' and which woman you don't the hard way.

Elderberry-Rob said...

Formspring sounds important, must do some research. Before I go some words of wisdom: The original girlfriend is probably the one he will marry, the leggy blonde will be one of many, nobody will ever be 100% good enough for him as he has a wonderful mum and sisters they have to outshine. Although he has learned to be a 'bloke', he will never allow anyone to treat his sisters like this.

Rarelesserspotted said...

He's got you right he wants you. He'll go far!

diney said...

Ahhh - these boys eh? Little devils, and this is only the beginning I fear. Formspring sounds a useful tool - must get over there to get asking!

Sandi said...

Ah, boys. My sons had the best teacher in my second husband. They do the opposite to how he treated me, they saw first hand how not to treat a woman. Something good always comes out of the not so good. Hopefully your bs will see the light, his testosterone has taken over for the time.
xx Sandi

Kitty said...

I'm going to hope it's just a 'phase' and that he'll grow out of it. I know that many do not, and the most pathetic thing on Earth must be a middle-aged 'bloke', but... You raised him well, he has good genes and it's just the testosterone talking... I hope.

I feel your pain, I really do.

Mrs Worthington said...

I love Bettys response. Mine too is harbouring a broken heart from nearly a years reltionship. He#s taken it hard. Sympathy levels are running low and even hisplatonic girl friend has told him to get a grip.

Men- eh

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I'd never heard of Formspring but it sounds great.

Hugs to you and the Beautiful Daughters - dealing with a bloke is never easy.


Ayak said...

I always think it's such a pity that boys eventually become men :-(

Curry Queen said...

Nature will win every time, alas. I've found the same thing whilst trying to raise a sensitive considerate boy myself and largely failing!

Madame DeFarge said...

It had to happen sometime, but I suspect that with your careful tutelage, he may turn into a good bloke. I'm sure even David Tennant did stuff like this when he was young.

libby said...

Not a thing you can do about it...and he is a lovely lad too so well done..just forgive him the 'blokey things' he gets up to sometimes....just sometimes.