Monday 6 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I must warn you, if you are of a Bah Humbug disposition you may wish to avoid visiting for the next few weeks as there may be a whiff of the seasons around the posts. I am very keen on Christmas.

I'm not overly keen on the preparation though, due to my can't be arsed gene. I love all the decor, the food, the presents etc and I would love them even more if I didn't have to facilitate it. The Beautiful Children probably are because they don't. The exception to this is my Christmas tree, I love doing my tree.

On Sunday I have to put up the tree, The Beautiful Son has to get the tree down from the attic because I have watched Michael McIntyre and know that as a woman I'm not allowed in the loft.

The Beautiful Son and Beautiful Baby Daughter decide they want to help me. Now you think I'd be glad but I'm not. I am a bit possessive of my tree and yes I do know I keep saying my tree. It is mine, fully mine, I only let the others look at it because I'm kind.

I like my tree to look nice, this is why I don't want help. I have been decorating my own Christmas tree since I was 22 and that is a very long time ago, I put on Christmas music, light my Crabtree and Evelyn Noel candle and have a tasteful one colour theme tree. I do a good tree. The children have their own tree, it looks like Christmas on crack, it has every colour ever known and is done up like the tinkers dog. They can't be arsed with 2 trees this year, they just want the one, my one.

I relent, they can help, he is 15, she is 14, they're not little anymore, in fact he can now reach the top of the tree and save me standing on a chair. We have the lovely Christmas smelling candle, we have the lovely Christmas music. At the end we have a not quite as lovely as if I'd done it myself Christmas tree.

I was slightly hurt when he compared me to Stalin and she compared me to Monica from Friends.

Still, David looks cheerful in his Santa hat, doesn't he?


libby said...

Ooh very stylish and festive!
In years gone by we would have two trees....the one the kids did looked like a road traffic accident, all clashing colours and overbusy on one side...mine was always 'themed' and gave me great pleasure. We always have a real tree that my daughter and husband choose together so have to wait until Christmas week to get it this year! will be over to visit yours if I get a Christmas craving!!

auntiegwen said...

Libs - I want a real tree too but I got that one when Lara was a baby and crawling so she didn't hurt herself on the pine needles, then I kept having babies and they kept crawling then I read that if you had bought a fake one it was better for the environment if you kept it and not landfilled it so I was green guilted into keeping it :(

Sueann said...

I am the same way about my tree! Ha! Yours looks fabulous!
Cheers sweetie...I raise my spiked eggnog glass to ya!!

Nota Bene said...

Did David come round and help? He looks a bit glum...did you tell him off too?

Elderberry-Rob said...

I am putting mine up next week - I let the kids help then when they are off at school I re-do it all to my liking! We are having a dig it up real one this year as I hope to plant it in a pot - the shopbought ones always hack the main root off and kill the tree then sell as 'with roots'... the tree is the best bit about Christmas for me. Yours looks lovely

Gigi said...

Well, I got my tree up and lights on it. Then the can't be arsed gene kicked in - so it's still not decorated. Maybe tonight. I'm with you about the tree being all yours. I mean really no one else knows how to decorate it properly!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Well we have one (real) tree, which I get with help from aspie boy and then leave it to the kids to decorate..but luckily number one daughter is more artistic than me, so it usually looks lovely. Yours looks gorgeous and it's great to have it up so early, then it feels like Christmas is lasting for the whole month xx

Kitty said...

When I worked in Visual Display in California, I used to have to do a minimum of twelve trees. Each tree had a minimum of 1000 fairy lights and each was themed to sell specific ornaments.It fell to me to do ALL the decorating each year because I make Monica look sloppy. I'm obsessive about how the lights are done, the branches splayed out just so, and if there is tinsel? It must be applied individual strand by individual strand. It may be maddening to others but, heh, I do great tree.

My daughters know this about me, so, they do help... now that they've been 'trained' by my years of anal behaviour.

By the way, the non-sloppy and anal gene wasn't transferable when it comes to being tidy around the home in general. Great decorations, yes, but Hello or House Beautiful will never visit for a photo shoot. On the other hand, you never know, this may be the year I turn over a new leaf. Just don't anyone hold their breath, ok?

Little Red Hen said...

I too have my tree that no one's allowed to touch. I decorate it when they're at school. They don't even ask to help anymore. They have the other tree to decorate but I have to fix it so the decorations are not all on the bottom third and there are not six ornaments on one branch.

Anonymous said...

Our tree always used to look like a train crash too - we had to put everything the girls had ever made on it every bloody year. Then we had the christmas none of us cared about christmas followed by two christmasses away. This year, I dug the tree out of its box and Attila has scarcely looked at it - she managed to summon up enough enthusiasm to tie some chocolates on it (there don't seem to be as many as I thought I bought though). I might get a tasteful tree this year ...... unless Lenin shows any interest when she gets back next weekend.

Rarelesserspotted said...

Your tree looks lovely. On the other hand I always allow my kids to decorate mine; it was a family tradition at home that I did it (when I could be trusted and under a little supervision), and the youngest one (19) does enjoy it. I love Christmas and look forward to your Ho Ho Ho posts. I'm just starting to write my Christmas cards tonight - this I do NOT look forward to - thinking of donating to charity next year as an alternative. Should I, shouldn't I?

Sandi said...

Oh, nice. I don't have any room for a christmas tree here, so last year I decorated the free standing fire flue. This year I may just decorate the free standing, iron candle holder, I put the lights around it last year so perhaps a bit of tinsel won't look too revolting.
x Sandi

Mrs Worthington said...

we are all looking forward to our first Christmas in our new home. I can see the tree decorations now. this kids will do it and then later when they are not looking I might tweak it slightly. TINSEL IS BANNED - I hate the stuff! I'm more Rachel than Monica

Laura said...

I hate decorating a christmas tree, far to stressful.

Yay! for the DT pic :O)

ME said...

He looks about as happy as my 14 year old helping me this year!

tuftycat said...

I know exactly what you mean, I have to sit on my control freak tendencies (tie my hands together with tinsel if necessary) while the children decorate the tree.

David looks very fetching though... but I think he could do with a bit more tinsel :)