Monday 27 July 2009

Management Schmanagement

In my new job I will have to organise things and I have a mahoosive project to get going that is both time and budget constrained, get me, I've got the jargon off already. I have never done this before so I am massively calling in favours from everyone I know who could possibly help me. I am doing some work myself, it just may not feel like that to everyone I am pestering at present.

On Saturday I was given the "Brilliant Project Management" book by a lovely man who is very probably sorry I've given up teaching. He is in the same line of work as me and I only seem to talk to him about work stuff now. I think that the book may be a hint as he is too polite to tell me to stop asking him questions.

So I am reading it, honest, and I promise when it gets going I'll have another topic of conversation for you all.

I did actually have a book of my own that I was using, found it quite helpful too.


Anonymous said...

(Ppssst - don't tell anyone but I spent several years in management consultancy. Honestly, if you need anyone to unravel corporate b*ll*cks I'm your girl!)

lisaq said...

Best of luck. I'd be so far in, I'd probably never get it figured out!

Posted your how not to date guide today. Thanks soooo much for sharing!

Nota Bene said...

Ah so good to see that you have taken the bull by the horns to break through the glass ceiling. If you've any undisclosed thinking why not run it up the flag pole and see if the frog on the lillypad croaks. Happy to join you for some blue sky sessions if you believe that thinking outside the box will invigorate the ongoing opportunities for developmental activity. Anything that doesn't appear to have a sustainable future you should car park and re-route the process to ensure you remian on target.

Working Mum said...

Nota Bene stole my comment! I was going to use those phrases!

So project management is it then? I do think that's a perfect job for a working mum with three kids; who else is so superbly qualified at juggling all the plates and getting it all done on time on budget and with the minimum of fuss?

Madame DeFarge said...

Just keep mentioning risk registers. Works a treat with us. Especially black risks - they're really bad ones.

Tim Atkinson said...

Well, er... good luck! It can't be any worse than teaching.

Shirley said...

Organizing stuff, putting together events -- it's all streemly fun in my book. Until you call it "Project Management." Then, *pffzzt*, my mind shorts out.

indigo16 said...

Congrats on the new job, my partner is an IT project manager. His life is so much more flexible than mine, but won't you miss the holidays?
I'd better not tell Daisy about you going to see Billy Conolly, she will be so jealous. I saw Lenny Henry over 20 years ago. I honestly though I would pass out I laughed so much.
Your post about being able to talk with your children brought home to me how irritating it is always having to take my mother on holiday with me. She takes over and gives us little space or time together.

Rarelesserspotted said...

Hi auntiegwen, my job put me on a PRINCE2 project manager's course and it gave me a project manager's qualification recognised internationally, hard work but certianly not beyond your ken, and it's a transferable skill, once you've got it girl, you'll always have it (a bit like wrinkly skin, which I have an excess of since I've been on a diet - yuk)

auntiegwen said...

Mud - I will most gladly add you to my list of people to pester

Lisa - what's mine is yours, happy to share anything

NB - we can play Bullshit Bingo, any time you hear a wanky phrase like that text me, first one to 20, loser buys dinner

WM , not project management but I have some projects to organise, my job is MUCH less executive than I've made it sound

Madame - gracious thanks, I will add it forthwith to my management phrasebook, which is filling up a treat

Tim - thanks, I'm sure it'll have it's moments

Shirley - I know what you mean, it kinda throws up a picture of someone who's most def not me !

Alison - I will most def miss the holidays but I am thinking of taking myself off on a learn to do something holiday not in term time, and then the children can't demand to come with me ! I think I need a little time away from them, much as I love them

rarelesserspotted - I know that course , it's def a good one to have. Congrats on the diet, I wish I had the willpower, I am becoming a right lardyarse at the mo !