Tuesday 7 July 2009

Your dream car ?

Do you think that your choice of car says something about you ? Or do you drive what you do out of necessity and not choice ? I am often rude about BMW drivers and I sometimes think that the bigger and more expensive the car the less courteous the driver. I don't like funny shaped cars either and I wonder why people buy orange or bright yellow cars too. Are they cheaper than regular colour cars ?

So if you saw a little black Mercedes A Class with a Scotland sticker on the bumper and a Grumpy Old Woman window sticker, would you recognize me ? think that about summed me up ? Not even a bit surprised ? Nah, me either.

My car was bought for me, I specified I wanted it to be smallish and high up to help me see where I'm parking (driving is not a major part of my skill set and I have told so many lies about how many attempts it took me to pass my test, I can't even remember the truth, it was probably the first though !!!!) So although I didn't pick it, I love it and very boringly when it needs replacing I will buy exactly the same again, even if I won the lottery I would choose another A Class. So what do you drive and what would be your dream car ?

Incidentally I have been a bit flighty blog wise and have written a post on another site. If you want to read it you can click here and by the magic of the beautiful bloggy fairy you shall be transported henceforth to the other site that allows your auntie to spout. It's a site about being the parent of a teen, it has a new post everyday and there are lots of contributors that you may well know already. If not, go get to know and love them too.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

White van drivers – the worst in the world. BMW and Volvo drivers – what’s that old joke? What’s the difference between a hedgehog and a BMW or a Volvo driver? A – the prick is on the inside! The ladette driver – has picked up the worst traits of the obnoxious male driver and are even worse than them! I drive an E class Merc – beautiful, stylish and just happens to be the choice of the ‘traveller’ of this world! By that I mean a geezer with a horse tied up outside their chosen illegal camp for a while, having to munch grass at the side of some stinking A-road where the poor nag ingests more carbon monoxide than fresh air. So I am in esteemed company! I love my car and although it is 14 years old it is mine and I intend to keep it going for as long as possible.

auntiegwen said...

Mobs - classy weegies r us !

Nota Bene said...

BMWs are fine stylish cars driven by thoughtful attractive people. And when they mature they buy Jeeps. I used to have a metallic yellow car. Gave other people something to aim at. And talking of aiming...is the white cross on your bumper for target practice?

lisaq said...

I love my car even though I ended up with it sort of by accident. My youngest totaled her car so I handed mine down to her, the oldest bought a cheaper car and I ended up with her Dodge Caliber. It's an SUV but not really. It's the same size as a car but higher up so little short girl here can see around her better. Absolutely perfect for me!

auntiegwen said...

NB - maybe it's just the BMW drivers I date then ! And as for the target practice, would you give yourself peace !

Lisa - I'm with you short dames in high cars, we need that

Helena said...

I don't drive but I could use the sticker for my front and back house windows - possibly alongside a picture of me on a particularly hot day. But I'd pick necessity over fancy any day - even in undies!

Being the mum of only one teen now (as the other one is 20 coming on 12) I shall be delighticated to visit your other site!

Shirley said...

I agree that the cars people drive say alot about the person, if only that they're broke (i.e. 1982 cigar-box with flaking paint) or have small manhoods (Hummers or jacked-up 4x4 trucks).

I used to drive a minivan which did not fit the image I had of myself, but did get me, my kids, and all our paraphernalia from point A to point B countless times. Now I drive a mini SUV by Honda, silver in color. There are at least 13 million others exactly like it on the road (seriously, I have to pay attention which one I get into in a parking lot!), so it provides anonymity. My future dream car would be something a little more buff with a lot more color -- maybe sparkly emerald blue.

auntiegwen said...

Lena - I got the sticker when I went to see Grumpy Old Women on their tour. It was great live and I bought a grumpy old women tea towel as well !!!!

Shirley - Don't let NB read your comment, he's just bought himself a HUGE jeep. I know what you mean about the anonymity, we rented a 7 seater SUV in Florida and we struggled to find it in every car park we went into, there are loads of them. I like the idea of that colour of car, sounds nice

Madame DeFarge said...

BMW 323. Want any Aston Martin. But would have to have bigger garage and bigger house. If not smaller bank account. But I want something fast and impractical.

Working Mum said...

Glad it's not just me that encounters those BMW drivers! One even had a fit on the motorway the other day when I wouldn't break dangerously hard to allow him to go in front of me!

Anyway, I drive a little Polo called "Penelope" or "Pelemy" as daughter calls her. She's nippy, safe, reliable, economical, easy to park, fits in the garage and I LOVE HER! She's ten years old this September but NO WAY will I scrap her on the government's scheme - what a waste! (Isn't that how the car industry has got into this mess, people changing their cars like fashion items?)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less what it is so long as it's reliable.

Fast would be good too though,


A Woman Of No Importance said...

I love the Grumpies! And delighticated, I may just have to borrow that worm!

And get writing for our new bloglette, BAGwennie! You write like a beautiful Scottish, sexy (you are!) writing faerie!

And good luck in that new job me dahlink! x