Tuesday 18 August 2009

Confession Time

I know I have been very scathing in the past but I will fess up and admit I've joined facebook. So all you regular facebook users will have to keep me right, there are lots of things I still don't quite get and I have a fear I'll be bored with it very shortly.

Resist the urge to throw back your head and laugh like a muskateer as I have been mocked heartily by Edge for it already and I am still slightly confused by it all, especially by the wee thingy that pops up and someone is trying to talk to me, but I have managed to put a wee comment up or reply to my real friends.

I'm not sure of the etiquette of it all yet, I can't seem to refuse to be someone's friend even if I don't know them and in consequence have found myself never short of a wee bible verse or a life coaching kind of a homily.

I have some new friends already, I am very popular with American men. Even more popular with American men who run and also with American Pastor men and as for American Pastor men who run, they just love your auntie!

I am also quite popular with my daughter's friends, I don't accept them as friends though, just too weird, I always get slightly freaked when I read her friends (very middle aged) dad trying to be funny.

So I have it now and I have the American men but what do I do with it? The people I really know on it, I kinda know what they're up to, well as much as I need to know, I already like one of my friends less. I live with one of them and I definitely know enough about her life, I like it better in mummy denial land, so what am I doing with it? I already have the blog to spout off my rubbish.

So I'm thinking about lying on a grand scale with it, make myself look uber windswept and interesting (yes I know that's German, I thought maybe you were getting a bit bored with badly spelled French words and NB's practising his for his holiday to Precisionwithnohumourland.)

So can I say I've come into money ? off on a world trip and post pictures of where I'd like to go ? Can I post pictures of supermodels and say I've had surgery ? Say I'm shagging all the celebrities on my celebrity shag list all at the same time?

I am wondering though if it's okay to say I'm in a relationship with David Tennant one week and then David Ginola the next ?

Where's the harm ?


Anonymous said...

Look hard enough and you can probably find a group on FB that you can join, full of women who also claim to be in a menage a trois with the good Doctor and the third most sexy french footballer of all time.

auntiegwen said...

Matthew - how could you busrt my bubble? The good doctor is saving himself for me !!!!!
and as for the 3rd most sexy

would you give yourself peace !

lisaq said...

Yay! You have to email me your profile info so I can add you girl! I can even FB tutor you from across the pond! :~)

lisaq said...

Never mind! I found you! Just sent you a friend request!

Helena said...

I might pop back a bit more often. I really am only on there coz me daughtah and extended family are, and it's where we exchange pictures ect. I'm not a big fan mind. I like to see other folks' profiles without having to adding as a friend! I love lurking!

I do add my sons' friends on other places, mind! It's great for blackmail but on facebook I'm a bit more (ahem) reserved. I'll look you up, although I've given up on David......

Neil said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *breathe* ha ha ha ha ha ha... so funny...

(i) Don't accept requests from friends you don't know, (would you do that in real life?) however American and glamorous they may sound. There's a virus or two going around if you do that and I wouldn't want you to get the pox.

(ii) "I kinda know what they're up to..." That's all it is.

xxxx x

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh jeeze - someone asked me to be their friend last week and as she is a lovely ex blogger I didn't refuse but I never use the flippin thing! I might go on and add you as a friend though!

scrappysue said...

who's david ginola? david tenant is yummy. i don't get facebook - i dabble, but that's it, and i TOO feel bad if i don't accept someone as a friend, even if i have no idea who they are!!!

Nota Bene said...

Oh no! Am I the friend you like less. Oh no oh no oh no.

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - hey friends in another dimension ! x

Lena - thanks for befriending me x

Neil - I have de friended all my American men, if one of them was the future mr auntiegwen I'll be most cross with you xxxx x

Mob - thanks hen, I'd like that x

Sue - David Ginola is a very sexy French footballer, he is truly truly yummy, I know what you mean about refusing the requests, thats why I got all the American men in the first place !

NB - why would I like you less? because you ate Bambi?, but I still love you really x

Shirley said...

Thank you for the delicious chuckles, AG. Maybe you'll get bored, or maybe it'll turn into your new blog-o-sphere. Y'jist nivver know, now do ye?

Anonymous said...

What about David Van Day....I used to have a thing for him....very sad.
I love Facebook. I'm addicted to Yoville and Farmtown and all sorts of other time wasting things.

Anonymous said...

You are on FB? Come and find me!!!


DAB said...

LOL! Shit, no American men have been to visit me :( But I haven't looked at my profile page for well over two years plus.I'm a tad tempted to go and check ;-) TFx

Madame DeFarge said...

I don't really get Facebook. But I am on in my guise as Madame DeFarge. Somehow it seemed right to do so. A friend of mine met her husband through Facebook on something called Facebook Pets (or something like that), sounded like a human petting zoo. Very odd.

DJ Kirkby said...

Welcome to fb...you'll have noticed that my fb updates are espescially thrilling ones about home preserving and the like...I rock, I tell you, ROCK!

Squirmy Popple said...

Facebook sucks everyone in eventually! I can't turn down friend requests either, so I've ended up being "friends" with a lot of people I knew in high school but haven't spoken to in 10 years.

auntiegwen said...

Shirley - hope your move went well my dear x

Magnumlady - Oh David Van Day, I remember him, he had better hair than his girlfriend ! I haven't found those farm yokes yet

Dutchy - you found me, good girl yourself

TF - I had an Argentinian man request to be my friend today, international auntie that I am x

Madame - I know lots of people who met their partner through facebook. A human petting zoo? must be near the farm that magnumlady goes to.

DJ - your tales of jam always make me hungry

Katie - I have lots of friend request that I'm just not answering !! yep, I know I'm a wuss