Wednesday 12 August 2009

Another year older

How can I be another year older? Fortyfeckinthree now ! Jesus, Mary and Holy St Joseph, I must now officially be half way to being dead.

So what precisely did I achieve from last birthday to this one?

Didn't kill any of the beautiful children - for which I should be due a medal at the very least.

I visited Dublin, Belfast, Prague and went to Turkey 3 times. I also had a few trips back to Glasgow and some to London.

I saw Russell Kane at the Y and I pretended to be gay with my friend C, Russell Kane didn't believe us, he was very good though. I went to the Leicester Comedy Festival preview show and that was tres amusent, I particularly liked Jared Christmas and John Richardson.

Gig wise this was a streemly good year, streemly. I saw The Killers twice in Dublin and Belfast, Bloc Party suppoted them in Dublin, Glasvegas twice in Wolverhampton and Sheffield, White Lies supported them in Wolverhampton, I saw Primal Scream's encore in Nottingham, Doves at Brixton Academy and the Manic Street Preachers at the Camden Roundhouse.

I also taught a gazillion lessons including my last one.

I started a new job with office perks.

And I still found time to blog 137 posts just to keep you in the loop. Selfless to the core, that's me.

When I write it down, my life is not nearly as boring as I make out !


Anonymous said...

You also slept on IRONED cotton sheets. ;) xxxx x

scrappysue said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIEGWEN - CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! have a wonderful day and i'm sure you'll pack even more into your 44th year (don't sweat it, i'm in my 47th year and i don't even feel quarter way to dead!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You've been busy - and entertained cyberspace for all that time as well.

Well done!

Champagne tonight?

Nota Bene said...

Vintage years only become vintage years in retrospect. That looks like a vintage year. Happy Birthday!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Gwennie - You have the social life of a 21 year old, (not to mention the musical tastes! ;) )

Have a great year, and I'll see you mesel' after me hollingberries, starting tomoz - Yay! Take care, and get writing for MMM, you - It's all gone quiet over there, and Saz and I are both on hols at the same time - Yikes! Love to you, take care, Fhi x

TheOnlineStylist said...

Happy Feckin' Forty Third birthday Lady x

mannanan said...

Oh to be forty three again...Ohhh I suppose I can dream. Hope you had a great day.

Working Mum said...

Happy Birthday Auntie Gwen - sounds like you've had a great year! And I'm sure the next will be even better! Cheers!

Laura said...

You really had a great year :O) Here's to the next one.

p.s "Gay"? Did you blog about that and I missed it? Was there photo's? lol

Rarelesserspotted said...

You're in good company with 43: there are 43 verses in Beowolf; 43 AD, the Romans invaded Britain; it takes 43 muscles to frown; George W Bush was the 43rd President of the good old US of A. Factoids for today!
Happy Birthday...

lisaq said...

Happy birthday love! Sorry I'm late. Back to work and first day of classes last week...I'm a little behind!

auntiegwen said...

Thank you one and all for your kind comments, texts, emails, cards and presents, I always say it but I am a lucky lucky girl xxx

Edge - I'm sorry, I stayed at the Edge's house and he ironed the organic cotton sheets just for me, he is the man xxxx x

Sue - I can't wait to see you either and I know of 1 other person who is overgiddy at the thought of getting to go to the motorbike cafe (no names need be mentioned but he drives a big fat MLC!)

Mud - I had quite a lot of pink fizzy with my lovely eldest daughter and my lovely friend Sixy

NB - thank you and thank you for the part you've played in it x

Fhina - oops, I try and do a post a week for you but I must be behind, I'll get on it, have a great holiday xx

That girl - thank you veryfeckin much xxx

manna - many thanks, I'm sure we don't feel our age !

WM - not such a good year gig wise I fear, but hey ho, maybe a festival ? who's up for T in the park with me ? c'mon now... no one at all ?!! jeez, you lot scare easy xx

Lolly - I've showed you my Sarah Palin impression and my pants, what more do you want ???? x

RLS - thank you so much, this blog could def do with some proper information as opposed to what stuff I impart as my spin on wisdom !!!!!

Lisa - oh poor you, another crop to tame xxx

Helena said...

Gwen, I'm exhausted even reading what you've been getting up to! That's what a call a life!!

Belated birthday wishes and ggod luck in the new job!

Shirley said...

Mercy Maude, girl, all that going for an older person such as yourself just might bring on a stroke! (Sorry, everyone else was being so nice . . .)

auntiegwen said...

Lena - thanks hen, it's been a good year.

Shirley - hey, hope you're all settled in ! Thanks for that me dear, you're right though, how did I fit all that in, and still work and bring up the kids ? Me who likes her sleep !!!!!!