Saturday 13 February 2010

Book Group Blues

I have been a member of our book group for the last 4 maybe even 5 years. We meet once a month in our local pub and dicuss the book we've read and then choose a new one. I believe it is now the law for all middle aged women to be in a book group although the flightier of the genre also do salsa dancing (no, not me, would you give yourself peace!)

My book group usually meets on a Wednesday but for some reason we met on a Tuesday this week. Which confused me mightily when Sarah appeared at the door with book in hand.

This meant I had to get out of my jammies (navy and pink polka dot fleecy ones, oh yes, sexy is my middle name) I was gutted, I got home from work and as BBD was away skiing I didn't have to drive to and from Girls Brigade and there was a Jo Frost thing and a babies being born thing on the telly, so straight into my jammies, on the sofa, I had a fleecy blanket, full charge of the remote and some cookies. I appear to have bypassed middle aged completely and stormed right into old lady hood, don't feel even a bit sorry for me, I love the idea of sitting around in my jammies and a wee nap if I get tired.

So I got dressed and we went to the pub,
which was heaving,
on a Tuesday night,
in the middle of a recession.
The reason for this became apparent, they were having their regular pub quiz. Now I have never taken part in a pub quiz, that is another of my very last forms of virginity gone now, I've only a few left, I'd better ration them out, don't want to get rid of them all so quickly and with no thought or care.

How hard could it be, we thought.

I'm a whiz at Trivial Pursuit, I thought.

We are quite clever women, we thought.

At our table there were 6 women, 28 years of university level education and 7 degrees between us. Comprising ...

A solicitor
A dentist
A pharmacist
A nursing sister
A teacher
A director (of a big Government agency, with multi million pound projects and big posh do's at The Houses of Parliament)

Readers, we came last.
24 points out of 50.
The shame.


Rarelesserspotted said...

No shame in coming last, it's the taking part that counts - (whoever first said that load of rubbish was clearly a bad loser!)
I'm more interested in the subjects outstanding in your life that will take what remains of your virgin credits.

Anonymous said...

I've been exactly there - oh the shame! I would blame the questions about football and Modern Music but I'm afraid I'd be found out....

Chic Mama said...

Haha....oh dear. Ssshh, but the same happened at my first quiz night, we were mortified. xxx

AGuidingLife said...

But for all the smart education how many of you would even want to know the answer to half the questions asked : "what year was the last time at Anfield the right back wore a blue sock on a Sunday?" Half the pub suddenly get a smug "god I'm great and clever" look and I sit there thinking "who gives a f....."

libby said...

I bet all the other teams were my one and only pub quiz I was apalled at all the mobile phone/blackberry using going on......its not big its not clever its CHEATING!!.
Regarding the virgin credits...mmmmmmmm what can those be??

DAB said...

Maybe you need a few duffers on your team ;-)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Or maybe they were all duffers and you need a pub quiz for clever people?

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I knew someone who had a memory for trivia and she won most quiz's. She was as thick as mince at everything else in life! There is no shame in losing a quiz, your brain cells are required for greater things!

auntiegwen said...

RLS - we genuinely thought we could win, we were talking about what we would do with the winnings xx as for the credits

Mud - I know nothing of football either or soap operas

Chic mama - glad I'm not alone then xx

Kellogsville- you're so right, there was a load of that

Libby - it didn't even enter my head to cheat and like I said to RLS there was a post about that

TF - if I'd have taken either of the daughters I'd have been better, lots of soap and pop questions

LFBS - I think I was the duffer !

Mob - yep fantasising about David Tennant and Chanel handbags take up a lot of my brain space :)

Working Mum said...

My friends and I and all our university degrees used to do a pub quiz and always did abysmally because it should really have been called "guess what the landlady thinks the answer is". eg "What is a merengue?" You may think it's a dance, but the landlady thought it was a dessert! I kid you not. It was very entertaining though!

auntiegwen said...

WM - thank you, you've made me feel soooo much better :)

Jon Storey said...

Well, I always win. What does that make me...?

auntiegwen said...

Jon - someone I want on my team :)

Madame DeFarge said...

You need me there. I'm a regular member of a regular winning team. And I have two degrees. And a fair conceit of myself.

auntiegwen said...

Madame - you would be a delightful addition to any social occasion.

Becky said...

lol Gwen. I would have been hopeless ! I have no memory at all for names of famous people ,and the questions always seem to ask for names or details from various Sports events...a complete blank from me :-)

Not From Lapland said...

i know that feeling so well, i'm rubbish at pub quizzes.

Mrs Worthington said...

You didn't win becasue you had switched your brain off earlier in the evening and it went on strike having been deprived off cookies and trash TV