Friday 26 February 2010


Do not say that your auntie never gives you anything. Week after week, month after month, year after year, your auntie is here providing witty banter, wee funnies and guides on what not to do (all lessons learned)
Today, I can offer you a real tangible thing. To celebrate the release of Motherhood on DVD on March 8th I have been given leave to dispense 5 copies of this dvd to my lovely readers. Finally someone thinks of me as a mummy blogger.

Celebrate ‘Mother’s Day Eve’ and Win 1 of 5 Motherhood DVDs – out on DVD 8th March

To promote the release of MOTHERHOOD, starring Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver – ASDA, MUMS.NET and METRODOME DISTRIBUTION will launch a special new date in the calendar – ‘MOTHER’S DAY EVE’ - which will fall on the Saturday night 13th March before Mothering Sunday, 14th March 2010. New comedy ‘MOTHERHOOD’ follows Uma Thurman as mother and wife racing against the clock to prepare for her daughter's sixth birthday party in the face of chaos.

From writer/director Katherine Dieckmann, the acclaimed filmmaker of DIGGERS and A GOOD BABY, comes MOTHERHOOD, starring Uma Thurman, Anthony Edwards and Minnie Driver. Shot entirely on location in New York’s West Village, this bittersweet comedy distils the dilemmas of the maternal state (marriage, work, self, and not necessarily in that order) into the trials and tribulations of one pivotal day. MOTHERHOOD forms a genre of one – no other movie has dedicated itself in quite this way to probing exactly what it takes to be a mother, with both wry humour and an acute sense of authenticity.

Eliza Welch (Thurman) is a former fiction writer-turned-mom-blogger with her own site, “The Bjorn Identity.” Putting her deeper creative ambitions on hold to raise her two children, Eliza lives and works in two rent-stabilized apartments in a walk-up tenement building smack in the middle of an otherwise upscale Greenwich Village. Eliza’s good-natured but absent-minded husband (Edwards) seems tuned out to his wife’s conflicts, not to mention basic domestic reality, while her best friend Sheila (Minnie Driver) understands this – and Eliza -- all too well.

MOTHERHOOD is a hymn to the joys and sorrows of raising children, and the necessity of not losing yourself in the process.

The DVD is available from 8th March 2010.

Log onto for more competitions to be won and details about the film!

So should you wish a free copy of this dvd, please comment and tell me so, if there are more than 5 of you, I'll put names in a hat and get a naked celebrity to draw the lucky 5. I might have lied a bit about the naked celebrity, it will most probably be me, just thought I'd liven your Friday up a wee bitty.


Anonymous said...

I'm only here for the naked celebrity! When does Gorgeous George get here then? ;o)
Obviously I'll take you dear Aunty as a close second! xx

Sueann said...

I too am here to the video blog of the naked celebrity pulling my name out of the hat!!!!!! Johnny Depp would be a good choice too! Along with Robert Downy, Jr. ?? LOL!!

san said...

I'm here for the DVD.
I'm sick of naked celebrities. Brad Pitt is round here every flippin' day. 'Put your clothes back on', I say. 'Put it away, you bloke from Lost', etc. x

AGuidingLife said...

Hell, why not! The ironings done, I've got time to watch a fillum!

tuftycat said...

Sounds most entersnifting and deluctible.

Yes please!

TheOnlineStylist said...

Ok, trying to forget that you said Bitty - Little Britain has a lot to answer for! Sounds like my kind of movie, motherhood, blogging and NEW YORK baby!! Am loving the bloggy makeover by the way - tres minimalist! x

Helena said...

I'm not here for a freebie (as I can get this via 'a friend'. But thanks for the film tip...! I love Uma.

Chic Mama said...

I'll have anything going for the naked celebrity please. ;0) xx

auntiegwen said...

Dearest Ladies, please sendeth me your email addresses and I will pass on to the PR company. I have been promised 5 with 1 for myself, that makes 6 and I have a review copy that I can pass on to the 7 of you that wanted one, so no one was left out, thanks Lena for saying you can get your own, I feel better now.

I'm sorry about the no naked celebrity but I am typing this naked to make up for it. Apologies for not replying individually to you all but it's quite chilly typing in the buff ! xxxx

auntiegwen said...

So chilly that I forgot to add my email address

tooks me ages to think that one up, I can tell you!

scrappysue said...

i do have high hopes for this movie and hope it doesn't glamorous motherhood too much!!!