Tuesday 23 February 2010

Let's hear it for the boy.

Following on from yesterday, here goes with the boy. He's not that bad, well compared to his sister, just wait till you read about EBD tomorrow, she is Queen of strange.

I don't think he has many weird traits, he did use to check the door was locked several times a night but that dissipated. He does wear an X box headset and talk to people on the internets a lot but I believe lots of teenage boys do. He always has his pants on show, again, not pleasant but not unknown. He will quite happily chat away and tell you all, tact wouldn't be his strongest thing but maybe he'll learn that, if there is something you'd rather wasn't mentioned, he'll invariably say it, he seems to lack the embarassment factor.

The Beautiful Son is quite quirky. I think he's screamingly funny and this probably encourages him. The strangest thing about him is that he talks in a very exaggerated Scottish accent and pretends he's an old man, he calls everyone son or laddie, even me. He talks a lot about "in my day" there are a lot of dinnae's and cannae's too, I've said before that he sounds like an unsexy Sean Connery.

He has a very quick wit, I think this may have been inherited along with the can't be arsed gene. He always, always has to go for the funny.

Yesterday he opened the door to hot boy and said in his very old man Scottish voice

"That's a very poofy looking cardigan you're wearing there son. Did you mug Starsky?"

Can Hot Boy survive us?


Anonymous said...

Oh poor hot boy.

Give him a kiss from me!

Sueann said...


Not From Lapland said...

ha ha ha, brilliant! what a wit!

Chic Mama said...

That really made me grin!! He sounds hilarious! xx

Anonymous said...

I have been a horrible commenter lately but I am reading everything avidly and you still never cease to crack me up!
It's about time we did that wine thing again, isn't it? xx
PS Love to the Beautiful Children!

libby said...

He sounds like a smashing normal lad.....and I think a son to a mother is possibly the only man that a woman knows inside out....am I wrong? and if he does'nt do the scots accent what does he normally sound like? and how is he with his big/little sis?

Muddling Along said...

That made me smile - where do they pick up these things ???

auntiegwen said...

Mud - Hot Boy is amazing, he drove me into town on Friday nightand came and collected me, he's a very useful as well as decorative boy :)

SueAnn - he definitely has his moments

Heather - you can never get cross with him, he's too funny

Chic Mama - he is the class clown, he's really good natured though

Penelope - yep wine sounds great, it's nearly a year ago you were here, how time flies!!!!!

Libby - he has a very nice posh ish Edinburgh accent, he de classes it and broadens it out. He is loveliest to me, fairly nice to elder sister and a torment of Hell to his younger sis, he knows exactly what to say to wind her up.

MAM - he's a lovable cheeky chappie, that's what saves me killing him, he's such a work shy article and has taken annoy your sister to Olympic standard !

scrappysue said...

he's a keeper for sure! would love to hear his accent! me likey the new blog layout - i need to change mine too!

Kitty Moore said...

I like him - he sounds hilarious!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

A great sense of humour. He'll go far in life. Dinnae worry aboot him Hen!

Mrs Worthington said...

I think you have just described my son too. Top shop undercrackers being a fave

auntiegwen said...

Sue - he sounds like a deeper version of me ! if you change yours please keep the cupcakes :)

Kitty - he is, he makes me laugh every single day

Mob - he's that sharp, he'll cut himself (as our mammys used to say)

Mrs W - absolutely, himself has loads of the Top Shop ones but prefers Jack Wills but I am a mean mummy, have you seen how much they cost?