Sunday 28 November 2010

Eleven things I'd like for Christmas

I love Christmas. I love it with a passion. I love it with childlike enthusiasm, I love the laying around in your jammies, eating and drinking and watching Love Actually and Elf on a loop. I love the happiness, the decorations, the smell of my Christmas candles.

And I love presents.

I am going to put false modesty aside, I am shit hot at buying presents for my loved ones. My offspring will mention something in passing and I will search for hours to get it. I will be on red alert watching the things people pick up and look longingly at and I will drive back to buy it. I will wrap it beautifully, I use ribbon and all sorts of things that cost me too much and aren't strictly necessary. This year I have a Shaker type wrapping thang going on, cotton ribbon in cream and red saying Merry Christmas and red tin hearts bearing cheery festive greetings to tie on.

I give good gift...snort snort, winky face ;)

Now, I am a selfish girl at heart. I love getting presents and my family are crap at them. My friends are exempt, they are good gift givers. Occasionally I have had a man on the go around the festivities and they have varied wildly in the gift giving stakes. The children are totally pants, if it's not for them their can't be arsed gene kicks in. My parents and sister just moan about how difficult to buy for I am and opt out completely. My mother hasn't bought me a present since the 80's and my sister palms off a candle on me. I am fussy about candles, my sister not so much, she buys any old lump of wax with a wick.

Total crap

This year I am thinking of posting a Christmas wish list on my Facebook and you know I will have to share it with you, in case any of my lovely bloggy chums drop big fat hints to the children or win the lottery.

Or both.

See, I told you I was selfish.

Je voudrais (sounds so much nicer, dontcha think?)

"One day" by David Nicholls. I want a book I can read from start to finish and lose myself in and I really love the idea behind this one.

Some very sexy nail varnish as I want the only bit of me that's not getting fatter by the second to look sleek and svelte and polished. Because we all know I'm not.

A bit of Billy, because watching the great BC with my great BC and hearing them weep with laughter is a pretty fabby way to spend a few hours. Even if people think I'm a bad Mummy for letting my beautiful children watch a sweary man. They live with a sweary mum, I think they'll cope.

Anything by Divine, they've taken over from Fruit and nut toblerones. I know, I couldn't believe it either, I'm a chocolate floozy

You can't have festive without the fizz I get overly excited at the thought of pink champagne, and if that makes me a cultural peasant I don't care, I like girly pink champagne.

My Christmas candle, it really, really smells like Christmas to me, I love it, love it, love it. I start using all of these things from December 1st. My house smells gorgeous.

Fitflop slippers
You know me and my fitflops but now I'm working from home, I really need slippers. They are now a workwear essential, to go with my workwear jammies.

Yes I know it's a grey cardie but it's an M and S grey cardie I feel that 15 grey cardigans is the exact number of grey cardies a middle aged woman of 44 should have. I only have 14, I'm calling middleagedwomanline, I am deprived.

And if we're getting silly and it is Christmas and I have been good...

And we continue in a flight of fancy mode...

How about this bit of Chanel porn for you

It would be rude and disrespectful not to have some Louboutin porn to go with your handbag porn, wouldn't it?

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a little sparkle The black diamonds are just the cut of aunties jib.


AGuidingLife said...

gee whizz - no wonder you don't get what you want...that bar is a tad high!!

£75 for slippers?!!!!

Elderberry-Rob said...

Gosh you don't want too much then! we don't 'do' presents but I am getting a real longing for some Chanel No. 5 after not wearing perfume for 16 years (oldest boy has allergies) - just maybe this year might be it's comeback?

Neil said...

Good book, that...

Gigi said...

Here's hoping you get everything on your list!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I wouldn't like any old lump of wax with a wick either lol

Sueann said...

I am the same way about buying presents. Ends of the earth I will go!! For sure!! Presents I receive suck!! Sigh!! Maybe this year? One can always hope!!!!!!!!
Good luck

Taz said...

£520 for a pair of shoes I would struggle to stand upright in?

You've got champagne tastes on beer money as my dear old grandmother would say. LOL

I gave up years ago expecting anything of any use to me as presents, either for Chrimbo or Birthdays, I expect this year will be no different. :)
But as always I will make sure everyone else has exactly what they want. :D

Between Me and You said...

`I give good gift`- hahahaha!
Seems like a reasonable enough list to me and I`ve already posted a couple of hints on Facebook - it`s the only way to go really -let`s hope it works! I`m with you on the grey cardigan thing but what harm would one more do?!

libby said...

All very lovely but what happened to 'an apple, an orange and a shiney shilling' for Christmas?? Oh yes I forgot, we're not back in ye olden days..bring on the good stuff!!

Autumn Mist said...

Think yourself lucky! Last year hubby got me a penknife for Christmas, I mean, a PENKNIFE! This year I've taken him to the specific shop and pointed out the item I want, what else can a girl do?

auntiegwen said...

S - I would be happy with any one of them, not all of them honest! £75 is so expensive for slippers but I love my fitflops and live in them, I just can't quite bring myself to spend the money

Betty - honest I'm good with the book, truly xx

Edge - I really quite fancy it, the book I mean

Gigi - any one of the eleven would be good, anything that I would like would be good, I am apparently horrible to buy for

LFBS - I accept I am fussy and horrible about candles x

SueAnn - here's hoping this year we'll get at least 1 great gift xx

Taz - oh yes, your auntie is braw at spending money she doesn't have ! x

Nana Go-Go - fab name :) welcome, fellow grey cardigan wearer, you can never have enough cardigans

Libs - I know, I'm a greedy mare but at least 1 of them I would like

AM - a penknife, that's not good, not good at all. You show him what you want or you'll get a compass this year

Laura said...

You'll get a lump of coal and be greatful for it young lady!!!

katyboo1 said...

loving the louboutins. I too am difficult to buy for. I like everything, but only my way. Sigh! Hope you get at least one of the things on your list.

auntiegwen said...

Lolly - I so will :)

Mrs Boo - would you like to join my club of people who are hard to buy for?

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