Monday 1 November 2010


After spending a lovely 10 days at The Beautiful House I have been home for 6 days and I still haven't properly unpacked, my house is a tip and I'm freezing and knackered. So rather than dwell upon the negatives I will focus on the good stuff, see how hard your auntie works at being a happy wee scone?

Please have 11 things (going for 11 posts containing 11 things as it's November and I forgot to do my 10 posts in October) that made your auntie happy in the last week.

Sitting in the sunshine reading and enjoying the moment as I knew I was flying back to the UK and I was fairly sure it was the last sit in the sun moment of my year. The photo is of the view from my terrace. I saw this wooden heart and I had to buy it and hang it there. It really doesn't get much better than this for me.

The ex mr auntiegwen collecting me from the airport and bringing Eldest Beautiful Daughter with him. I have never spent 10 days apart from her before so he made a detour to collect her so I could see her as soon as possible.

I am brown as brown can be, this pleases me muchly. I can't do pale and interesting I just look like death warmed up.

Now that The Beautiful Son is a paperboy, the newsagent has agreed that I can have my Sunday Times delivered. They wouldn't do it before as I only wanted 1 paper per week. So on Sunday I had the unbeknown bliss of reading my Sunday Times in bed, usually I have to get up, get dressed and go to Sainsbury's to buy it. It was utterly heavenly to potter downstairs, collect paper and coffee and straight back to bed. I agree, very easily pleased.

02 sent me a bar of chocolate as a treat. How good is that? It was so lovely, yummy chocolate aptly named Divine, I would even go as far to say it was better than a fruit and nut toblerone.

Hot Boy made dinner for us, no one ever does that.

I did my tax return. I handed it on on Thursday 28th October, 3 days before the deadline. Oh yes, effieciency becomes me, it goes with my grey hair.

Texting my lovely mate on Tuesday night. I am such a bad friend. I never text him but when we do text/speak/spend time together I realise how much I heart him. Also he gets bonus points for keeping in touch with me and for never moaning about how shamefully I neglect him.

I remembered to send my niece's birthday card on time. I also bought her present when I was on holiday and gave it to my mum to take back to Glasmental with her. I am a smug auntie and my sister has nada to complain about till I forget the next niece's birthday in June.

I found out that my first day at my new job is being spent at a hotel, meet at 10.30 am for coffee and then a working lunch. I get overexcited about stuff like that. I know I'm sad but I have always worked in the public sector so classrooms or wards are where I usually spend my first day.

I am going to London for work early December, I heart London, anyone want to come play with auntiegwen?


Anonymous said...

Might actually be in London in early Dec.... G&T?

Gigi said...

I love that heart and most certainly would have bought it as well. Wish I could say that I'd be in London in December...

libby said...

Glad you're back and bouncy and happy...can imagine the hug you gave EBD! When in December?

The Accidental Author said...

SH*T - the CH's tax return. I knew I hadn't done something! Damn, damn, damn! Glad you had a lovely break and you have lots to enjoy and look forward to.

Troy said...

When I read "Hot Boy made dinner for us" I couldn't help thinking about your previous post!

Sandi said...

What a great 11, all things to be feeling very happy about.
First day at work and off to the pub sounds ok to me :)
Wish I could say I will be in London in early Dec......sigh.
Sandi xx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Grey hair? Cannot be true...Sunbleached hair perhaps? Glad you had a lovely time, the unpacking will happen as you need the stuff, do not worry. And it's not often I put sadly and Dublin in the same sentence but that is where I will be in early December...not London :(

Laura said...

The sunday times is a very grown up newspaper! Yay! for getting it delivred.

AGuidingLife said...

lovely Mr ex! and please tell me hot boy washed his hands...

Madame DeFarge said...

I am here in London town in December. It would be a delight. Even if I'd be pooped by 9.30 and demanding cocoa. Hope you had a fine time on the hols.

Sandra said...

I'm certain I would heart London! Take me with you!
That was funny about getting your niece's bday card out on time. You are more efficient than you know!

Mrs Worthington said...

I love your list. I heart the heart too

Nota Bene said...

Oh oh I get the 11 posts thing now...doh!

auntiegwen said...

Mud - doubles for definite!

Gigi - we will raise our glasses to you

Libs - first week but never fret I'll see you anyway, I can come do some Xmas shopping near you :)

PVLIF - oops, mind you with all the poo going on I'm not surprised it slipped your mind!

Troy - he did wash, honest!

Sandi - aawh, I will raise a glass for you too xx selfless to the core wee scone that I am!

LFBS - Dubs one of my very favourite places x

Lolly - I am very nearly grown up now. I have a Cath Kidston business card holder :)

Kellogsville - yep, it was a great thought of his and yes, Hot Boy did wash his hands!

Madame - a woman after my own heart indeed, cocoa at 9.30 is a date :)

Sandra - I am G and T ing and cocoa ing, you are most welcome to do both :)

Mrs W - it's not too shabby is it?

NB - it's okay, it takes some people more time than others, you don't worry, you're very special

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Where shall we meet in London in December, seeing as it's on offer and I'm about to be made redundant, and I know you've gone through that BAGgie?! I shall try and get Sazfab on board too - xox

auntiegwen said...

Fhina - how much fun could we have? xxx