Tuesday 3 June 2008

The Beautiful Children

The Beautiful Son is annoying his beautiful sisters. At the weekend he filmed Beautiful Baby Daughter when she was asleep to prove that she snores. She's totally peeved and thinks he's going to put it on Youtube. I made him delete it but not before he set it as his ringtone.

At dinner last night BBD accused TBS of eating all the strawberry creams out of the Quality Street we had at the weekend (mea culpa) but before I had a chance to fess up, he had screamed at BBD his denial which made Eldest Beautiful Daughter burst into tears, even though he wasn't shouting at her. She was totally surprised and said she didn't know why she was crying, (we do, exam stress) and she wanted TBS to say sorry for yelling. He wouldn't, both of them left the dinner table all disgruntled leaving Chief Accuser and the Guilty Party unscathed. Like my mum says about BBD she could start a fight in an empty house.

This morning Eldest Beautiful Daughter came down, she's had a rotten night, didn't sleep, had a temperature of 39 but still had to go to school to sit English GCSE this morning and History GCSE this afternoon. She told me she'd had a nightmare and that when she went into the exam hall there was only 1 table and chair, she was all alone and when she turned over her exam paper it was blank.

She looked like she did when she was 4, those huge eyes brimming with tears, and all hot and bothered. I just wish I could help her, giving her Ibuprofen and telling her it'll be okay just seemed like a poor bit of mummying today.


Dusty Spider said...

Those brimming tearful eyes. Pulls at your heart strings doesn't it. My daughter can still do it to me and she's 34! Treasuring the memory of her as a 4 yr old. Boo Hoo. Flick xx

lisa q. said...

Awww...poor thing! It's so hard when they're struggling and you feel like there's nothing you can do to help them. Makes you miss the days when a Band Aid and a kiss from mommy made everything all better.

Working Mum said...

Althuough I am a teacher, I do find it hard to watch my pupils sitting exams; the pressure we put them under.

Today I had to watch members of my form do their Biology AS level as I invigilated. It was agony!

Must be so much worse as a parent!

Squirmy Popple said...

I love that kids today tease each other by threatening to put videos of them up on YouTube. My, how things have changed.

Shirley said...

Snoring as a ringtone -- that is hilarious! I'd probably want to wring his neck if he was mine, but since he's yours . . .

Sympathy is sometimes the best medicine, and I'll wager you gave her some of that along with the ibuprofen.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but laugh when he filmed his sister snoring and the fear of You Tube! Then, setting it to his ring tone, ah, brothers. I have 3 of them, love them, but growing up it was so frustrating at times.

I hope she is feeling better about school. Such an anxiety dream. I think what you did for her, helped more than you know. You are such a good mother. You are there for your children and despite the typical stresses, there is the wonderful laughter.

Have a good week, and thanks for your kind words of support. It is so helpful.


Undercover Mother said...

By any chance, is the one who could start a fight in an empty room a middle child?

Just projecting...

Liam said...

My snoring has been threatened in the past - Thank Gawd I'm too old to have gf's who use You Tube :).....

I took exams in March again for teh first time in many a year - I can empathise with the young ones - And it doesn't get easier with grey hair!

auntiegwen said...

Flick - they'll always be your baby won't they ?

Lisa - I do miss the days when I could make it all better

WM - oh it's tough at school and at home at the mo

Katie - technology, eh ? so many new ways to annoy each other

Shirley - you know how exactly how I feel !

Eileen - she's still poorly today, but again had 2 exams, thank you for your kind words of support, I appreciate them also

Mom of 3 - thanks for empathising, she's actually the youngest, I've got girl boy girl but the youngest has SO got hard done by syndrome !

Liam - even oldies like me use youtube !! I agree on the exams though, I'm still studying, when will that stop ?