Wednesday 4 June 2008

The Beautiful Students

Today was my last lesson with my year 13 A level group, you know the ones, the "Miss, I don't get it" lot. I only have them 1 double lesson per week on a Wednesday afternoon and they sit their exam on Friday.

When I went in today, they presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers, a box of Thorntons chocolates, a bottle of Merlot and a thank you balloon. They'd all written in a card as well, really lovely things about how much they'd miss me and how much they'd appreciated what I'd done.

Then I went to the other school where I've been doing a babysitting course after school 2 days a week,this was their last lesson too and they'd got me some flowers and a thank you card as well.

It really has been my priviledge to be a teacher, I absolutely love it, it's the best job in the world and when someone says "Thank you" it makes life that little bit sweeter.

So thank you to all my students past and present, I am so pleased to have had you in my life. You do make it all worthwhile. Like I say, I'm a lucky, lucky girl.


Working Mum said...

Well done you! It's means a lot when teenagers go to that amount of trouble. You must have made a big impression on them!

btw am considering the lipstick and handbag option for windfall - swayed by the new Radley in John Lewis

ME said...

How nice of them. As a mother who truly appreciates those who teach let me give you a big THANK YOU as well!!

lisa q. said...

Damn! Can we trade students. I barely got a "Bye Ms. Q" as the buggers all but sprinted outta my classroom. I'm not that mean...right?

Professional Mum said...

I am off to see SATC tonight and I can't wait! I love those girls, and know I will come out vowing to get 1.5 stones lighter, drink more cocktails, get out more to new and happening clubs and shop, shop, shop til I drop. And then I'll remember I've got kids and life will go on as normal. It's nice to dream.

Your students must appreciate you very much to go to so much effort. I remember that from my school days - only the BEST teachers got that kind of treatment :-)

Dusty Spider said...

Just goes to prove what a good teacher you are. The beautiful students also consider you a friend which is extra credit to you. Enjoy the spotlight - it suits you. Flick xx

Mean Mom said...

What a lovely day you had! It's good to know that you've been appreciated.

It's my birthday tomorrow (7th June). I'm having a virtual birthday party. Please call by if you can!

auntiegwen said...

WM - ooh you should, you deserve it !

craze - why thank you, I can see you are a nice parent

Lisa - honey, not mean at all, I think my lot realised how mean THEY's been to me !

Red - thank you, not sure I'm the best but I don't shout much, enjoy the movie

Flick - thank you, I really do enjoy teenagers, which def helps

MM - it really is great just for someone to write thank you, I will keep those cards for ever