Wednesday 18 June 2008

I've had a busy day !

I awoke The Beautiful Son and showered him with gifts and kisses.

I made breakfast for everyone and then the packed lunches.

I ran for 5 miles.

I baked The Beautiful Son's Birthday cake.

I spent an hour prepping for Friday's lesson.

I did a load of laundry, pegged it out, cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher.

I went to work and during the departmental staff meeting, I presented a new IT system for enrolling students ( I had a lot of help with this courtesy of a charming IT consultant, whose number is now stored on my phone under God)

I spent 2 hours cleaning out our resource cupboard at work.

I came home, vacuumed the house, emptied the dishwasher and took in the laundry.

I cleaned up (without yelling) the broken snowglobe that Rhys Daniel ( TBS maddest mate) had broken whilst playing indoor golf with a rugby ball.

I drove into the village to collect take out pizza's that TBS wanted for tea.

I then drove back into the village to go to the bank, as Beautiful Baby Daughter needs money for my ticket to see her play her trumpet in the school concert. I will of course, go with joy and be tremendously enthusiastic about these budding musicians.

I emptied the bins ready for collection tomorrow.

I did some prep for tomorrows lesson with the nursery nurses.

I have bug busted Beautiful Baby Daughter's hair.

I have spoken to my mummy on the phone.

I have blogged this.

I am now very tired and this is why I am usually asleep by 9pm.


Professional Mum said...

I'm knackered just reading this!

Working Mum said...

I hear you!

Get yourself a slice of that scrummy looking cake, a glass of wine and head for bed.

lisa q. said...

ummmm....i took a, i feel guilty!

Liam said...

A woman's work is never done - Phew - That tired me, I'm off back to bed :)

indigo16 said...

I am very lucky that I can delegate,at work. Which is an art in its self. We are sans au pair at the moment so my eldest daughter with NOTHING to do all day is picking up the youngest. I asked her what she did yesterday. Seepishly she confessed to dozing off at 11 and waking at 3 just in time to do the one job she is asked to do!
But it does feel good to get so much packed into an average day. The cake looks lovely, not a good photo for one waiting for the breaktime pips!

Squirmy Popple said...

I can't stop staring at that cake. Maybe that means it's time for me to eat dinner.

DAB said...

(I had a lot of help with this courtesy of a charming IT consultant, whose number is now stored on my phone under God)

OK matey explain the above, is his number stored on your phone for future IT queries or for a possible "Hot" date?
Great cake BTW TFX

*~*Cece*~* said...

Wow you were a busy woman! I seriously need to make time to do some of those things at home. Um, maybe this time next month will be open. lol

Mean Mom said...

What time did you get up, then? Was it worth going to bed? No, I'm not in the least bit surprised that you are usually asleep by 9pm!

The 5 mile run, alone, would have been enough to tire me out, to be honest.

Dusty Spider said...

Phew! Need any help with that chocolate cake?? Flick xx

Anonymous said...


I'd be in bed every night by 8 if I had all that to do!

The 18th was my son's birthday as well :)

ME said...

That is one hellofa busy day! I'm tired just reading about it.

auntiegwen said...

Red - it's taken me nearly a week to recover !

Wm - that cake was gone in minutes

Lisa - naps are essential for happiness

Liam - never a truer word

Alison - I have her separated at birth twin living with me

Katie - it was good even if I do say so myself

TF - smoking, absobloodylutely smoking

Cece - I often have days like this, that's why I look so old and haggard, take my advice, do less look younger

meanmom - mine, like everyone elses children seem completely oblivious to my efforts

Flick - it was gone in a flash

Slick - thanks for visiting and a belated happy birthday to your son

craze - thats why I look 90, I'm so busy it's turning me grey

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Wow. Supermum! Great cake. Looks delish.
Tell me, what is your secret to achieving so much in 12 hours. Are you on class A drugs??