Thursday 12 June 2008

My arse

It's been a quiet week this week. Beautiful Baby Daughter has been on a school trip to Wales but is coming back tomorrow. I have missed my wee sweetie scone and she's missed me, she texted me yesterday saying, I just need a hug, aawh babbins.

Eldest Beautiful Daughter continues on her exam merry go round but only has 3 left, so on the home stretch.

The Beautiful Son continues to be a work shy article whose has practised his twin pastimes of Runescaping and eating to olympic standard this week. No BBD to share the computer or jaffa cakes with !!!

EBD made me laugh today, when I got in from work she told me that TBS had got changed out of his school uniform but he'd put his t shirt ( a Glasgow Rangers Football top, no hate mail please, I didn't buy it !!!) on back to front, so she tells him and he looks down to check. There emblazened across his chest is his name and the number 11, he hadn't noticed. Her parting comment ** " Gifted and talented, my arse !!!"

Join in with me now, " Oh Sweet child of mine"

** The Beautiful Son was picked out for the Gifted and Talented programme whilst at primary school. It was a government thingy that gave extra classes to kids that were identified as being more able, he was picked for the science stream. A fact that somehow surprises people when they meet him !!! It also annoyed the crap out of his sisters who were not chosen.


lisa q. said...

Awww...makes me miss my girls! What a fabulous group you've got there girl!

Dusty Spider said...

What is it with lads!? Mine sat around grunting; eating us out of house and home when he was in his teens. Love him to bits though. Flick xx

ME said...

Lol - cute one!

Helena said...

Well, he'd get a piece at my door any day, too - simply for wearing the Rangers top!

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - I'm sure I'll miss them when they've gone

Flick - not totally evolved as a species yet

Craze - sometimes !

Lena - he'd get a piece at any door, he's very lovable

Undercover Mother said...

We don't even have a Gifted and Talented here, can you believe it? Hence, I chose Eldest for the home school track.