Saturday 14 February 2009

The Boy is Back

The Beautiful Son has returned from his snowboarding trip in Switzerland with his full complement of limbs and all intact ! I have missed him muchly, this has been a week where I could have done with his hugs, he does the lie down beside you, not speaking, but immensly empathetic thing perfectly.

We were chatting about his trip and then he got very animated and said excitedly "We boarded into France" I said that sounded great and he told me about boading right down to the restaurant for lunch. He then got very excited and told me " I had the best sandwich I have ever tasted, a toasted cheese and ham panini"

I did nearly wet myself laughing when he added "I took a picture of it on my phone"

So to my lovely friend, you know who you are, who said the reason my son hadn't rung all week was because he was too busy shagging a chalet maid (apologies again to Grandma in Cyprus for the language) Na na na na na

He still remains very much a small boy, shagging a chalet maid, would you give yourself peace !


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gwennie, mine is just about to depart to Amsterdam for the school trip - A hotel in the red-light district, of all places - Lord help me! I am glad your panini-loving, darling son is safely boarded into the UK! x

Mean Mom said...

Glad your son is back safe and sound and had a good time. It is great when they come home, after being away for a while, isn't it?

It's a long way to go for a cheese and ham panini, though, isn't it? Maybe it would be cheaper for you to make him one at home, next time. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl you do know how to tell a story. Too funny. Glad he had a good time and made it home all in one piece.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I'm glad you are feeling good stuff now that he is home especially after your last few days of being pset. You are a lucky gel to have three such brilliant rugrats - they are the ones that come through for you in the end. It was a lovely story told with your usual emotion and sharp wit. Hope your Sunday is just lovely with yer wee man home again. As aye hen!

Working Mum said...

Ah bless! A snowboarding holiday in Switzerland and his best holiday snap is a cheese and ham pannini! Lord love him!

Anonymous said...

Bless that boy!
So glad you have all your chicks back home safe and sound :o)

auntiegwen said...

Fhina - ooh, you poor thing, he'll have your heart scalded ! x

MM - he looked so much taller, he'd only gone for a week ! and he's encouraging me to buy a panini press !

Lisa - oh yes, my life's a hoot !

Mobs - feeling so much more upbeat today and I am really lucky to have them and I do appreciate them (mostly !)

WM - that sums my son up perfectly !

Penelope - you get it, you always get it xxxx

Anonymous said...

Man's favourite things: food and sex.

Maybe you can distract him from Sex with judiciously planced paninnis for a few years yet?

Squirmy Popple said...

Anyone who could love a sandwich so much they took a picture of it is okay in my book.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

So glad the dear boy is back home safe and sound. I have spent about an hour catching up on your blog - so sorry that I've been absent without a note! You have been having a very interesting and introspective time, it seems. I reckon you have things right though - it's time to concentrate on having a nice life. Hope your Valentine's was good. Love M xx

sallymandy said...

What a sweet boy. I take inspiration from other mothers and their escapades with kids. Someone had the right plan when they made them so funny for us.

auntiegwen said...

Mud - that's my plan however he is very popular with the ladies. Maybe because he shows no interest ?

katie - he has eclectic taste, he also takes pictures of cars he likes and he usually keeps a photo of his every year the same chocolate birthday cake baked by his mammy !

Margot - I'm your auntie, you don't need a note, I'm always pleased to see you, other people would think my Valentines day was crap, but I actually found it to be lovely !

sally mandy - it's to stop you killing them, that's how mine have survived !