Friday 22 May 2009

Reasons to be cheerful part 3 of 3

Oh yes, you must all be getting mightily sick of the I'm going on a sunny holiday song, with the full 3 verses and the disco chorus. I sincerely hope that when you read this I will be on a plane having had a very large glass of wine and a bit of a nap. Don't hate me, read on and see how my life is going.

This week has been chock full of little petty irritations that have annoyed the crap outta me. Buckle up I might have a wee whinge to myself...

Sunday - my washing machine wouldn't spin leaving me with very wet washing (it's only 16 months old)

Tuesday - it wouldn't wash leaving me with a machine full of water and soaking wet dirty clothes.

Wednesday - call centre people at the place that I give £50 a month to fix all stuff that goes wrong in my house can only give me a time slot of between 8 aand 1 or 1 and 6, they don't seem to understand school not letting me have a day off the week before the A levels to stay in and have washing machine fixed. They also appear not to understand teenage daughters despair at not having clean skinny jeans to go on holiday with. Fortunately daughter has no classes Thurs pm and will sit in house awaiting repair man.

Thursday -
First thing in the morning - I mistakenly threw out an envelope containing EBD £20 holiday money from her dad, the other 2 had opened theirs and pocketed the money, I saw a pile of envelopes and put them in the recycling bag which gets collected at 7.30am

8am - at school I made myself a nice big mug of coffee in my brand new never been used Cath Kidston stripy mug, it had a crack in it and it split in 2 and I nearly scalded the head of IT who was reaching out for the milk.

8.50 am - I covered a year 10 RE lesson, I would rather do a Saturday night shift in a casualty department in Glasgow after an Auld Firm match than cover a year 10 RE lesson. On the bright side I gained a football (don't ask)

4.30 pm - washing machine engineer admits defeat after 2 hours trying to fix it, it needs specialist help but again we go back to the 8 and 1 or 1 and 6 dilemma. I say 1 and 6 on the Monday after we get back from holiday, I now have to find a kind and lovely friend/teenager to sit in the house awaiting another repair man. Also a plumber as first washing repair man broke the u bend under kitchen sink whilst trying to repair washing machine ! I cannot use my kitchen sink until then.

5pm - kids to dentist for check up, then to M and S to collect holiday money. On way back car develops squeaking noise, son tells me it's the axle and it needs oil, I listen to him as he watches Top Gear and in all probability knows more about cars than I do. I go to my friend C and she lets me borrow her washing machine and she also shows me how to check my oil, I don't need any. I am thinking I need to drive 106 miles to Manchester airport at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning and my car sounds poorly.

Feckity feckity feck.

If I get there I will be showing the United Nations peace keeping force how it's done, me the Queen of my own routine will be on holiday with the Queen Mother of her own routine who is mightily ticked off at my dad's audacity in retiring. Add in a teenager who's revising for AS levels and a son and younger daughter who have taking annoy your sibling to Olympic standards and you have the perfect recipe for a happy family holiday.

But did I mention the sun will be shining ? See you in a week, much love from your auntie xxx


Tim Atkinson said...

You need a holiday!

Mean Mom said...

What a week! Hope you caught the football, before it hit you! You certainly need a holiday after that lot! At least they are short term problems, though - your only consolation.

I dread my washing machine going wrong - and it often has - but never just before a holiday. What a nightmare! Hope you have/had a good holiday.

Mean Mom said...

PS Hope your car is OK and that there's nothing seriously wrong with it.

Nota Bene said...

...and in your absence???? Oh no that's too cruel, I take it back

Henrietta Bird said...

Hello - just found your blog - love it! Have left it a little Lovely Blog Award on my one because it is!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh God woman, I have been nearly peeing myself at this post. One of your best yet full of laconic wit and irony!

Some times life is just shite. What can I say? Hope the sun is shining on your soul and re-energising you all.


OhMyMissRebeccaJane said...

Sounds like you are well deserving of the holiday! Enjoy x

Anonymous said...

OMG woman, that would've been plenty to make me explode!!!

Helena said...

I just installed a new machine on Thursday and am now gibberish in the kitchen. Got fitted fine but can I get it to do a full cycle - can I buggery. I'll get there. Too many buttons not enough time to catch up with the loads.

Gwen, you deserve a damned good time. You're a tonic for us all. Hope you're all keeping well!

Working Mum said...

Irritating just isn't the word. With any luck you're now in the sunshine with your G&T - enjoy!

PS I have quite a collection of footballs!

lisaq said...

Damn girl! Hopefully, the washing machine gods will be smiling down on you upon your return. Hope the holiday was fabulous!

Laura McIntyre said...

What a week , i hate how people expect you to drop everything and just sit and wait for them. As if we have no lives lol..

Just new around here and wanted to say hello

auntiegwen said...

Tim - I still need a holiday

MM - I did catch the football ! Sadly washing machine has bitten the dust and car booked in for a service, ta x

NB - would you give yourself peace

Henrietta - Many thanks, I will put the award in my little cyber drawer of nice things

Mob - my life is not at it's happiest at the mo, but I'm faking it till I make it xx

Becka - thanks sweetie, hope you're doing okay too x

Dutchy - the rest did me good !

Lena - hiya hen, hope all's okay with you, email, text, ring anytime xx

WM - I can imagine !

Lisa - It's the one p1ece of kit I can't manage without !!!

Laura - thanks, it really is a pain in the arse isn't it ? Thanks for dropping by