Monday 5 April 2010

Conversations with my niece.

My sister has 2 daughters Abbie is aged 8 and Alanah is 7. Abbie is a goody two shoes and Alanah has character, I like this muchly, my sister less so.

When I go back home to visit Abbie loves to tell me how naughty Alanah has been, I ask Alanah on a scale of 1 to 10, she usually goes for a 6. I love this level of honesty. Alanah and I have big long chats about what's going on in her world, she has THE most Glaswegian accent and she makes me scream inside with laughter when she fills me in on the highs and lows. This is what I've found out, I have all the gossip on primary 3...

Alanah has her name put under the big cloud with tears dripping from it more often than it goes under the smiling sun.

Alanah lost her whole golden time because she bit Yasmin Cassidy.

Caitlin McNie needs a hanky, her nose is always snotty and it gives Alanah "the dry boke"

Andrew Moss has tried to steal her pencil sharpener twice and tried to kiss her once and this "pure annoyed" her.

Yasmin Cassidy "thinks she's it" and this doesn't please Alanah.

Courtney Campbell and Yasmin Cassidy along with Lara Taylor wouldn't let Alanah join their club but Alanah doesn't care because "it's a stupit club anywey"

Alanah and her friend Carly-Jean and Carly-Jean's twin brother John-Henry set up their own club and they won't let Yasmin Cassidy, Courtney Campbell or Lara Taylor join.

The first rule of Alanah's club is be kind to everybody. The second rule is let anybody join your club!

I love Alanah.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Hope you are having a good hol and relaxing? I'm doing my usual bank hol relaxation thing....houswork.... I've spent an hour doing my floors and feel strangly euphoric. My son, rollerblading (I know, I know) throught the house stopped in his tracks on seeing just how clean the bathroom floor is now....just shows how mankey it was to get a compliment out of a 10 year old boy...!! Mxx

Elderberry-Rob said...

I love children's logic! My two have been working hard for their pocket money today and purchased their Easter eggs half price!

Velveteen Rabbit said...

Thats just class! :) Yay for Alanah!

libby said...

I know you love Abbie too....Alanah just obviously has the 'sparkle' quite brightly about and their comments are so spot on are'nt they?

Sueann said...

How precious is that?? Gotta love them!! Loved the gossip!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gwennie, this was beautiful - I heart the 'dry boak', purely a child of Glasgow!

I have just got all caught up with your tales of weirdness and the Mothership of Strange - I've snorted coffee down my clothes (yes, it's early and I'm on holiday, but I'm expecting the Leckie Man, so have to be decent!)...

I hope Glasgae and your BPs (Beautiful Parentals) are treating you as lushly as you deserve...

Thanks for always making me laugh and smile, Gwennie, I really needed that today, my love...

And, as for Per Una cardies, I only wish I were thin enough to wear something so chichi! xox

Rarelesserspotted said...


Shirley said...

Aww, Auntie Gwen, if you only knew the good you're doing that dear child! (or maybe you do) You'll be her favorite auntie forever because you listened and didn't scold.

Mrs Worthington said...

I love the way aunites just get so much more out the kids.

Chic Mama said...

Playground very important . :0)

There is an award for you at mine.

katyboo1 said...

That Yasmin Cassidy sounds like she deserved a good bite.

auntiegwen said...

Mae - you should see my kitchen floor, we are indeed twins xx

Mrs Y - working???? my 3 don't know the meaning of the word

VR - oh she's a scream, she doesn't get much of a look in with her sister but I think she's fab

Libby - I love them both but her sister gets all the attention so it's nice for Alanah to have some, she gets on brilliantly with my son, they are a hysterical double act.

SueAnn - it's so fascinating to get a peek into their world, the names are different to your own schooldays but the characters remain the same

Fhina - no, no not the Per Una cardie, they make you middle aged you know

RLS - it's so fascinating to see how that class is so much of her little world and how they all have to fit in together.

Shirley - that's because I can fully appreciate naughtiness when it's a step removed, I doubt I'd have been impressed if my daughter had bittten her classmate when she was that age

Mrs W - yep, I would be duty bound to be cross if she was mine but I can just enjoy the full fat naughtiness

Chic mama - yep, that never changes and as we get older the need for tactics remains even when we swap the playground for another battleground ! Many thanks for the award, teribly kind, I shall put it on my little cybershelf of nice things

Mrs Boo - indeed, probably needs one regularly to keep her in check