Saturday 10 April 2010

Welcome to my world

Entranced by this beautiful weather we, like every other family in the UK, decided to have a barbecue.

I took both the beautiful daughters to Sainsbury's so they could relieve me of £127 something (and there is nothing for tomorrows tea there at all) fleeced by daughters chucking stuff in with gay abandon. Eldest Beautiful daughter managed to spear her knee on a fork randomly left in my car and promptly fainted at the sight of the blood.
Bring EBD round drive home, unpack and try and find space for all the crap I've been hoodwinked into buying.

Beautiful Baby Daughter goes to give the garden table a wipe down, after such strenuous activity, she had to have a wee rest, so completely ignoring the 6 chairs around it, sits upon the table itself.

Cue smart arse son to quip in his old man Scottish voice...

"Think ye might need to drop a few pounds, hen"

I'm off to the pub with my friend Sixy for a gin or two, I feel the need.

Post Script - it's 11.30pm, I've returned from the pub after my 2 Bombay Sapphire's and was greeted by BBD at the door looking sheepish. First words she says to me... "Mummy, I've broken the ironing board"

Tomorrow, I'm keeping her in bed, I can't afford for her to get up.


Jon Storey said...

A barbecue! I new there was something I had forgotten.

That drink sounds good.

Helena said...

lol......have one for me, hen! I'll approach oor table with trepidation!

It's been a glorious day here, too! GingerNut is at his mates 'garden birthday party' just now....(no flames, just booze!) Hard to believe it was snowing 10 days ago!

Style At Every Age said...

Jesus, since when did sausages and burgers cost that much?
Funny about the table, Uni girl sat on deckchair last summer and fabric just ripped and she fell through! made a right mess of her legs (she is the accident prone one.

Chic Mama said...

Ooops! Bet you need a drink! x

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I think the chair on the left is going to go next....

AGuidingLife said...

at least you've got some free wood to throw on the Bar-be !!!

Rarelesserspotted said...

The last time I had a barbeque, the chicken joints were black on the outside and runny pink on the inside. The hamburgers ended up only being fit to be skimming stones and I swear to God it wasn't me who used the plastic utensils from the kitchen which are now hardened black blobs of goo. For some reason, my other half won't let me do another one.

libby said...

Don't you hate supermarket shopping with the kids? they do just throw things in the trolley don't they? and I hate picking everything up and saying 'have you seen the price of this? have you checked the date on that? we've already got pizza in the freezer,you know you won't eat this, don't give me that look..' etc., etc.,
Sorry about the table...chop it up and set fire to it, gather round it with a blanket and another bombay saphire!

Velveteen Rabbit said...

Fork. Table. Ironing board. Hmm if you ignore the £127 thats your 3 disasters for the weekend :) always look on the bright side! x

Mrs Worthington said...

Ah the clumsy gene coupled with teenage complete lack of awareness topped off with NO COMMON SENSE always hits the bank balance hard. Welcome to my world including your solution of GnT

Sueann said...

You should have just went to the pub and stayed all day. Would have been cheaper all the way around. LOL!

Gigi said...

Oh Gwen - how funny! Sounds suspiciously like this household.....

auntiegwen said...

Jon - not much a Bombay sapphire won't cure :)

Lena - yep the joys of Scottish weather 4 seasons in 1 day

Mrs fab - I know, but I needed everything, the ketchup, marinades, relishes 3 different kinds as they can't agree, the salads, the dressings, corn on the cobs, the jacket potatos,the burgers, sausages, chicken, veggie options, the rolls, the tortilla chips, the dips, the fruits, the ice creams, the beer, the wine, the alcopops, the nice juice for the non drinkers, the napkins, the charcoal etc etc etc, when you read it like that I'm not surprised

Chic mama - I think that I always need a drink !

LFBS - when I went to Homebase yesterday to replace ironing board and rotary dryer (completely not BBD's fault) I looked at garden tables but in Homebase you need to buy a set, so I might have to buy new chairs as well.

Kellogsville - every cloud and all that :)

RLS - we didn't have any disasters this time, you'll just have to persuade her that practice makes perfect

Libby - so true, mine just get carried away, it's so much cheaper to do the shopping on my own

VR - things always seem to go at once don't they?

Mrs W - not an ounce of common sense, feck it girl, we should have doubles

Sue Ann - a cunning strategy, one I will most definitely adopt in the future

Gigi - it's amazing how many of us have the same lives !

Muddling Along said...

Aw bless - i was clumsy as a child and I'm sure there were days when my parents wanted me to stay in bed !