Monday 16 August 2010

Summer Sundae

Yes I know it's Monday, I've been busy! From 13th to 15th August saw the 10th Summer Sundae held at DeMontford Hall in Leicester. A weekend filled with music, comedy, film, silent discos, a pretend seaside, and as it's a festival some booze and mud. Because of the rain.

Eldest Beautiful Daughter and I donned wellies and were joined by my good friend Nota Bene and the boy. In the rain.

We watched some good bands, some great bands and some shocking bands. We talked, we ate, we drank and we laughed. In the rain.

Hot Boy's band were playing main stage and we used his backstage pass to it's fullest advantage for free stuff mainly beer, cider and pizza. Hot Boy even went backstage to get Turin Brakes autograph for NB as he's a huge fan. We got right down to the front and as Nota Bene is a boy with gadgets, he very cleverly fimed this beauty. Yes, even in the rain.

Hot Boy doesn't always think before he talks and he is far too honest and a masssive giver of too much information, we've devised a system that someone will raise their hand when he ventures into this area. Sometimes Hot Boy even puts his own hand up. Suffice to say that on Saturday due to high excitement at playing and being offered both a choice of water and temperature of water for on stage, Hot Boy was very overgiddy and there were a lot of hands up moments.

He wandered backstage to find a pen and a bit of paper and wait for Turin Brakes to finish. When they had Hot Boy wanders up to Olly Knights and asks for his autograph and follows up with this lovely bit of chat...

No, don't put my name on it, it's not for me.

No, really it's not for me, it's for my girlfriends mums friend.

I'm not really a fan to be honest, I haven't heard any of your stuff

I don't mean it like that, what I saw out there was great

I'll be a fan from now on, honest.

We love Hot Boy even if he does talk nonsense, have far too many beauty products and wear girls jeans, yep in the video there is Hot Boy wearing my daughters skinny jeans, he's the bass guitarist with the blue T shirt, not the one in the shiny jacket. he doesn't wear sequins, yet, and for that I am truly grateful.


libby said...

Looks fab AG...did you have a wonderful time? p.s. watching young people now makes me realise I must in fact be about 103...going to see Leonard Cohen would make me feel young again!

Sueann said...

Too fun! What a perfect summer outing!!!
PS Even if Hotboy is wearing her skinny jeans!! Ha!

Nota Bene said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. I hadn't realised he'd said that! I will remain eternally grateful to him for that...and you & EBD for a fab day out in the rain. Still worried about Hot Boy's trousers.....

Ayak said...

Unfortunately I can't see the video...but it sounds like you had a great time!

Velveteen Rabbit said... the risk of giving myself away that means you were in my home town!! And had I known I could have stalked you and given you a hug for all the lovely words you post on my blog :) x

Rarelesserspotted said...

Glad you had a good time - it sounds exciting.Enjoyed the video - jeez, I'm old!

Laura said...

Oooooh! I like this band, girls jeans or not LOL

I haven't heard any Turin brakes stuff either, but I have heard of them so thats a start

Velveteen Rabbit said...

It won't let me email you! I have been onto your profile and clicked the 'email' link and nuffin :(
Yes I am still there! I have lived here all my life! :D wines sounds grand! x

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend auntiegwen :) I would love something like this if I could forget my age and stay in a hotel at night and not a tent x