Friday 11 March 2011

Happy Birthday EBD

Today my Eldest Beautiful Daughter is 19. For the first time in her life she wakes up on her birthday without us there. No breakfast in bed, no cards or presents or singing (she might actually be glad to skip that!)

But tonight she will be home here with us. And Hot Boy.

Happy Birthday to you my dear practice child, I didn't do so badly with you after all, did I?

Lara, mo chridhe, tha gaol akam ort.


Trish said...

It must be sad not to do the traditional daft birthday morning things but so pleased you're seeing her later. Hope she has a great day - and you too!

Andy said...

Happy Birthday to the EBD. She is, as are they all, a credit to you and herself.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Happy Birthday EBD. She's lovely xx

Nota Bene said...

Happy birthday to EBD...with or without presents and cards

Gigi said...

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday EBD, she looks that HOT BOY, he looks...ummm HOT....oooh naughty Sandi :) :) :) xxx

Sueann said...

Happy Birthday to her!! 19? Wow...I kind of remember that age! Ha!

Kitty said...

You did good, AuntieGwen.
Happy Birthday to EBD. I hope you enjoy your day. :)

Hugs, quiches and kisses from Kitty xx

Taz said...

Cake...will there be cake? :D

Penblwydd Hapus to your very beautiful girl xx

Wow 19 how do they grow up so quickly? You've done a great job Mum ((((hugs))))

libby said...

Have a happy birthday Lara and a happy birth-day did good.xxxxxxxxx

Laura said...

Happy Birthday EBD! Seems like only yesterday since you were 18.

auntiegwen said...

Trish - thank you, it was strange, I thought about her all day

Andy - yep, you'd think that if you didn't see them arguing and being work shy articles

LFBS - thanks I think so :) x

NB - oh we did buy her some, honest

Gigi - thank you

Sandi - no not Hot Boy that is The Beautiful Son!!!! my 15 year old xx glad you think he's beautiful too :)

SueAnn - yep I can just about remember it too xx

Kitty - aw thank you, I'll take credit for anything going, I usually just get the blame !

Taz - oh yes chocolate cake but I'm on another diet so I will just look on, loving the Welsh :) xx

Libs - and so did you with yours xxx

Lolly - scary how quick this last year has gone isn't it?

Sandi said...

Take a bow mumma, you have beautiful children xx Sandi

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to EBD; I think Lenin will be away for the first time on her 19th next month too.

Rarelesserspotted said...

Hope you had a GREAT day

Anonymous said...

Now I see why he's called Hot Boy...oh to be 19 again!

Hope you all had a fab day x

Curry Queen said...

Ah bless ! They are both lovely! Slightly disappointed that HotBoy doesn't have some part of his anatomy in his mouth tho'.... xx

Kitty said...

Curry Queen!!! Are you suggesting that Hot Boy practices Yoga?
Heavens the image I got with your comment!
Besides, that's not Hot Boy, that's EBS!
(OK, I'll go back to my corner, now...)

Bisouxxx, Kitty x

auntiegwen said...

Sandi - thank you, all inherited from me of course!!!

Alienne - I hope you get to see her though

Steve - it was good to have her back at home with us :) xxx

Lottie - that's not Hot Boy, that's my son, who knows? he may be someone elses Hot Boy but hopefully much less weird than our HB

CQ - I must find a pic of she and HB for you all to see, I am gratified you all think my weans are good looking though

Kitty - thank you my dear (for the record HB doesn't do yoga, much too mainstream for a man of his talents!!) xx

Helena said...

Belated EBD! What a beautiful pout...they BOTH have!