Thursday 24 March 2011


I'm sure the lovely weather has had a massive impact on my cheeryometer but I am ridiculously happy at the moment. It's like the universe has turned it's random acts of kindness beam in my direction. I have been the recipient of several nice things recently and all of these are contributing to my warm fuzzy glow.

Things that have made your auntie happy, in no particular order

The sunshine

My lovely friend Libby send me an Edward Monkton book on shoes and a Scottish tea towel to make me laugh. Thank you Libby, much as I love the book it's the thought that you saw it and you thought of me that I love, I am blessed with great friends.

Alienne very very kindly offered to send me her copy of the Hardeep Singh Kohli book, and she did. Last Saturday I read it, sat in the garden in the sunshine, how good is that? So many thanks to you, Alienne.

A lovely lady emailed me from America to say she's been reading for a year and she enjoys the blog, how cool is that? a lovely non work email. Another lovely man from Portugal did too and I'd love to read your blog back but it's in Portugese.

I am running again, not to real running standards but wobbly and slowly I have my trainers on and am putting one foot in front of the other. It is a joy to be out in the sun.

Kellogsville and Mde Worthington are encouraging my running on twitter. Laura and I are getting excited about the new Cath Kidston shop on twitter.

I am participating in the 30 day song challenge I heard about on facebook, I am loving that.

The people at Innocent sent me free tokens to buy juice with, I love free stuff, Innocent, I love you, there is a game to play too, to win free stuff The White Company, what's keeping you?

At present the children are happy and not trying to poke each other with sharp pointy sticks, even metaphorical sharp pointy sticks. That's got to be a win?

Oh and the sun is shining, did I mention that? Tell your auntie, what's making you cheery?

11.15 am - Happiness update - the postman has just been and delivered a card from my dear friend Libby, sent just because she was thinking of me, how lucky am I to have such a good friend?


scrappysue said...

EVERYTHING! sunshine in wellingotn, sunshine in auckland where i was today, zumba tonight, chocolate brownie for lunch, wine at the airport, wine on the plane, wine when i got home....

happy happy happy

glad ur2

auntiegwen said...

Sue - that's a whole bunch of happy, I have still to try zunba, my friend Susan and I were telling ourselves on Tuesday that we have to get started

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Reasonable levels of happiness here due to sunshine and party on Saturday so I can pretend I'm still 25, and meeting ex this morning ....oops no that's certainly not a reason to be happy. Will concentrate on the sunshine instead :)

Sueann said...

I have to concur...the sun is shining here too and I love it!! The Twilight movie series and roasted peanuts!!! Not necessarily in that order! Ha!!
Mojitos...,yum and hot cheesy pizza!!
Ahh is good

Gigi said...

I love me some sunshine! It always lifts my spirits. !

Laura said...

Reading that your happy, makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

And I think you're awesome. Does that add to the happiness?

Nota Bene said...

You are a lucky lady...and you deserve every moment of your happiness!!

Nota Bene said...

You are a lucky lady...and you deserve every moment of your happiness!!

Andy said...

Glad things are going your way AG. Just a thought...on the running front, would you mind doing some miles for me? I'm knackered :)


Chic Mama said...

Glad to hear that. Isn't this weather lovely. X

Sandi said...

Going away for the night with my daughter to catch up with some lovely people who we haven't seen in over 7 years, its a 4 hour drive qnd going via the airport to pick up another friend to go with us.
Thats an out of the blue thing, normally what makes me happy is...
Sunshine makes me happy, a glass of wine in front of a fav tv program. My granddaugher, my kids, flowers, my friends, good food, my pilates cos I feel better, oh and my weekly 2 hour walk up and down hills, cos that makes me feel better too.
And reading your blog xx Sandi

Curry Queen said...

That was a really uplifting post! I'm happy that you're happy! x

AGuidingLife said...

wey hey, love a happy day :)

Mrs Worthington said...

happy talking happy happy talk - its good for the soul. Arse or otherwise. you'd think The White company would have twigged by now

Anonymous said...

Still breathing when I woke up this morning, both happy and mightily relieved!!

Kitty said...

Nota Bene: I agree, it's so true it's worth saying twice!! :D

I'm happy from the weather, my first ever garden I'm planning and pretty flowers springing from unexpected places.

PLUS taking out my 'skinny jeans' from storage, the ones that I haven't been able to even pull up higher than my knees in six years.... step into them, pull them up, button them, zip them AND then find them LOOSE!

VERY happy with that!

Hugs and quiches from Kitty xxx

auntiegwen said...

LFBS - so how did that party go then?

SueAnn - not seen the film but did read the first book but mojitos and pizza, oh yes please

Gigi - in my head the sun always shines in America

Lolly - aawh bless, you're so good to your auntie

Mud - why thank you, takes one to know one :) xxx

NB - when you're nice to me I get very suspicious, so to person writing this - what have you done with my smart arse friend?

Andy - yep I'll do some miles for you, very slowly it'll have to be though

CM - yep I was loving the weather but I appear to have jinxed it now, sorry all x

Sandi - time with family and friends is always good, ditto wine, ditto good telly, ditto flowers, were we separated at birth? xxx (except for the pilates, go you)

CQ - and I'm happy you have the Shah to bloggertain us with

S - yep happy days are the best

Mrs W - I know, it's shocking isn't it? bar stewards that they are

JS - yep, that's always a good start to your day :)

Kitty - I can't tell you how pleased I am for you about the jeans, that is an amazing feeling, well done my dearest K xxx

Anonymous said...

Just catching up - the weather has been so lovely I have been outside most of the weekend. I agree - it is the sunshine that has made me happiest lately. Long may it last.