Friday 19 June 2009

Horoscope my arse

I have fessed up on more than 1 occasion about my slight (but harmless) obsession with my horoscope.

Can you imagine how overgiddy with delight I was to read yesterday that I shouldn't be at all surprised if I got engaged? Well, is that not right up mush junkies street? Now we're talking, that would make your aunties wee cup of happiness overflow.

I was mocked mercilessly by my uber cynical colleagues and the office rang with peals of derisory laughter. I cared not a jot as I felt it was only a matter of time before either of the Divine Davids (Messrs Ginola and Tennant) were to hotfoot it to my classroom clutching a duck egg blue box (Tiffany, for any boys reading this and wondering where to buy a beautiful engagement ring)

You can imagine how excited I was the whole damn day, alert to the sign of any proposal winging my way as celestially foretold to me that very morning.

So I waited

and I waited

and I waited some more

I ate a lot of birthday cake while I was waiting.

Finally at 00 05 I accepted that it was some other lucky Leo that was getting engaged. I didn't want to but I did.

But I feel the Cosmos owes me a fiancee.

Russell feckin Grant.


Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

O Auntie, my first born is 21 today and in my head I have relived every birthing moment. Where has the time gone? she is celebrating - in her bedroom with boyfriend of 9 months - bedroom is off kitchen where I am blogging! My gran use to say don't worry Win (my Mum) if she's going to have sex she could have it at 6.00pm just because you want her in early will not stop her - so consequently I am not worried - However the sister who was 18 last week is being awful, take me here take me there - O says she you'll be too busy drinking to take me at 8.30 pm tomoz! True but rude. Guess what my 9 year old was (lb 11ozs too! Trouble is he still looks it! The fifteeen year old is small and beautiful and really wants to grow! Girls still love him though!

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

sorry Gwen. 9lbs 11ozs!

OhMyMissRebeccaJane said...

Ha! I'm a Leo too and while I used to read my horoscopes every single day, I have not since losing Nathan but Jacob read mine out to me last night as we were driving said.."tonight will be the night for love"..


Happy Birthday to your boy. xx

Working Mum said...

Have prised the laptop away from my husband for ten minutes to catch up on reading my favourite blogs.

Noticed in one of your posts your objection to Virgo/Leo combinations - I'm a Virgo married to a Leo, is that the writing on the wall, then?

Laura said...

Or the cosmos owes you a Cosmo? Nothing like a bit of booze to forget horoscopes!!

Madame DeFarge said...

Were you at any time engaged in idle banter? I feel that horoscopes are insufficiently well versed in the nuances of the language to be relied upon. Major pain.

Nota Bene said...

Silly Auntie was a simple typo. Knowing you were off to work, it was predicting you would be enraged.

Anonymous said...

OMG I think the Cosmos DOES owe you that!!! Truly! LOL

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Maybe Russell Fecking Grant will propose to you! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! Rent a blobby!

Keep the faith - someday your prince will come!

scrappysue said...

who's russell grant?

auntiegwen said...

Frankie - hope she had a great day,teenage daughters, eh ? maybe why that's why my hair is grey ! xx

Becka - at least you don't half believe them ! and thanks x

WM - that's cheered me up, maybe I can date a Virgo, if you're still so happy after all these years x

Lolly - a cosmo or a fiancee, I'll take either

Madame - my day is full of banter, I get to practice my rapier sharp wit on the cream of today's youth. They are so smart, you see, such a challenge.

NB - yes, as always I had my bloody year 12 Btec's so it pretty fair to say I would be enraged

Dutchy - maybe I should move, would my bad man karma follow me to another country ?

Mob - I wonder if we'd be suited ? Mind you I'm not running much myself, maybe that's my future ????

Sue - he's a very camp, rather rotund astrologer