Monday 8 June 2009

The Upper Hand

My mother is struggling with Gadget Mad Dad's retirement and him being around her all day.

She fessed up to me she sent him off into town using his new free bus pass to buy her a cardigan from Marks and Spencer. Just to get rid of him for a while.

The cardigan she'd asked him to buy doesn't exist, it was a made up one, available only in her head, described in detail from her imagination. This was done purely to keep him out her way for the longest time possible. GMD is like a man on a mission if he's looking for something, he'll keep going till he finds it.

GMD went to M&S in Argyle Street and not surprisingly couldn't find the non existent cardigan, he rang her, she told him maybe she'd seen it in Sauchiehall St branch. he rang her again from there, so apologetic that he couldn't find it and bless him he offered to get the bus to Braehead (out of town shopping centre) and she let him.

He was gone from 9.30 till 4pm.

I gently enquired if this wasn't just a wee tiny bit mean and I got "Och he enjoys it, going on the buses and round the shops, keeps him out of mischief"

My mother should be running this country.


Nota Bene said...

Your poor wee Dad. Your mum is the meanest mum in the whole world.

But very funny

Shirley said...

ah hahahaha! We all got a chuckle, AG; thank you :-) Your poor dad needs a workshop and a project or two. Maybe a retirement business to make and sell things online. I wish your poor mum well.

Laura said...

I'm going to keep a mental note of that wee story. Could be handy for when my mum gets fed up with my dad ( which is all the time lol)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh God, I know how your mum feels. I have suggested to himself that he takes his eldest very needy son away for a week's holiday. I can get some peace to write and get himself out of my hair for a bit. Much as I love himself, he can be very needful of attention throughout the day. Perhaps I will appreciate him more after he gets back!

scrappysue said...

och aye. i wanna meet your mum

Mom/Mum said...

Poor GMD! But a v funny post Aunite!

DAB said...

Your Mammy cam be in charge of spanking the wee little botty of Mr G.B. :) TFx

Anonymous said...

OMFG that made me snort out my drink!!! LOLOL

auntiegwen said...

NB - my mum is lovely, that's why this is so screamingly funny to my sister and I. She is so not bossy but becoming so.

Shirley - that's a great idea a project that would keep them both occupied.

Lolly - pinch away pet x

Mob - yep himselfs at home need careful handling

Sue - she's pretty cool

Mom/Mum - bless him, he's now finding out at the 11th hour that his nice wee compliant wifey has a core of inner steel

TF - Gordon Brown wouldn't last 10 minutes with my mum!

Dutchy - oh yep, there's plenty more parent stories !

Anonymous said...

Fantastic !