Wednesday 12 November 2008

Horoscope shmoroscope

My horoscope for today says
Winning someone's heart is as easy as crooking your finger at someone sexy. They'll be willing to move heaven and earth on your behalf. If you are in a relationship, this would be a wonderful time to plan a romantic holiday with your amour. Getting engaged or married is another possibility.
My horoscope for the week says says "An intense romantic encounter makes you feel like you're walking on air on the 12th.

Whoop whoop, that's the auntiegwen happy noise, I could do with a bit of excitement to cheer up a very dull Wednesday. Bring it on.

I wonder if this very what splendid event will take place

a during the day when I am supposed to be cleaning the house
b whilst I am taking The Beautiful Son to rugby practice
c when I put the bins out before I go to bed

I'm going to be all of a jitter the whole damn day now, constantly alert for this promised mush fest.
Well if there's that much excitement coming my way, maybe I'd better rethink my current attire of

1 Marks and Spencer blue nightie emblazoned with the slogan " I'm usually gorgeous but it's my day off"

1 Black Vans hoodie ( The Beautiful Sons, I was feeling a bit chilly )

1 pair of trackie bottoms (what, it's cold)

1 pair of daughters Ugg boots ( would you give yourself peace, I'm only cleaning the house today )

Okay, fair play if I'm going to have an "intense romantic encounter" I'll go shower and change, I'll even put my good knickers on ( just in case, you never know ! )


Shirley said...

Maybe it's the guy who thinks you're beautiful! In that case, it won't matter what you're wearing. ;)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

A brilliantly funny post yet again you talented old thing you! Yes perhaps it is the chap who rightly bleves you are beautiful.....Here's hoping eh? X

Anonymous said...

Haha...sounds like you're in for some fun girl. Leave that hoodie in the closet and get yourself out there!

Laura said...

It's those UGG boots that will win the guy over. :o)

Tim Atkinson said...

Let's make this the start of an empirical experiment to see whether horoscopes are any good. Drunkety-drunk pt2 coming up!!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo it's 8.23pm...anything exciting happening?? ;o)

Nota Bene said...

....and, and,'s the 13th now.

P.S. what's my horror scope (Cancer)...?

Anonymous said...

So, did it all happen when you took the bins out?

I bet you looked wheelie sexy.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

I'm up for Dot's experiment, good idea!

auntiegwen said...

Shirley - oh no, I'll leave that one well alone

Mob - I am so flattered that you always find something nice to say, when your own writing is simply in a class of it's own xx

Lisa - it's very cold over here, I'll try and find a more stylish alternative

Lolly - to each their own ! at least it's not crocs

Tim - I am a sad article in that not only do I read mine but also everyone close to me as well, and I kinda believe it too

penelope - read the bit at the end and you'll get the measure of it

NB - I will add you to my list of stars to read and alert you if anything good is about to happen

sixy - tax payers money ? raised eyebrow, get back to the baby xxx

Soxy - lets, I'll read my forecast for the week and let you know if it happens

To round off, at 6.15pm this arrived in my in box

Good evening,

Some men its lingerie.

Some men its leather.

Or lace.

Low cut tops.

Short skirts.

High heels.

That sort of thing.

Obvious stuff for those who are easily stimulated.

Me, its a woman wearing ugg boots and tracksuit bottoms.


Does that count as an intense romantic encounter ?