Friday 28 November 2008

What ever happened to Rock n Roll ?

Last night we had tickets to see Primal Scream. Gig buddy is working in London and had to drive all the way up to Nottingham.

I send a text enquiring when Primal Scream would be on and Gig Buddy reckoned around 9.30 pm, Glasvegas came on just after 9 and Gig Buddy had to wait till quarter to 10 to see the Kaisers so we now think this is do able as Gig Buddy has A Very Important Job and is A Very Important Person so has to set an example and not skive off early to go to gigs with me.

We arrange to meet just off the motorway and drive the last hour in one car, poor Gig Buddy, we go in my car, driving is not a major thing in my skill set, I'm fairly crap to be truthful. So after a fairly speedy drive, we arrive at 9.25pm, we park my car and as we reach Rock City we can hear good old Bobby belting out "Rocks" which is my very favourite Primal song, so I skip up the steps and into Rock City, we find a spot and proceed to jig aboot getting our rocks off just as Bobby ends the song and thanks us for being a great audience

WHAT THE F*CK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The look on Gig Buddy's face is PRICELESS, we have missed the gig, all the huge amount of effort, them coming from London, me getting my beloved and saintly colleague Anne to finish my parents evening for me so I can skive off early and we arrive just in time for the end.

Gig Buddy asks the guy next to us what time they came on and we're told 8.30 pm ! What kind of rock n roll band start at half eight and finish at half nine ? A feckin old one, that's who. Gig Buddy immediately starts their trade mark whistle and whoop, which is incredibly loud and Primal return and play for another 4 songs, all of which were fab.

So still absolutely incredulous but completely able to see the funny side of this, we go to the Lace Market and into a very nice pub where we drink and Gig Buddy does the maths that I am so fond of, the well, they would have played some new songs we didn't know, they would have played some stuff we didn't like and we liked all the songs they did play so we reckon that 4 and a half songs for £50 is quite good value for money really. We did agree it was sad we didn't hear "Jailbird" which is Gig Buddy's fave Primal song.

On the way back to the car, we duck down an alley and Gig Buddy makes us a smoke, just for a huge security light to come on, so we go to the car park and there at midnight we smoke, we laugh, we get slightly loaded and have a good time, I get home after 1, Gig Buddy gets back just before 3, now that's what I call Rock n Roll.


Anonymous said...

Some days I really would just love to be you! *sigh*

Nota Bene said...

ah well, at least on Sunday you can buy your tickets for the re-formed Cliff Richard and the Shadows tour next year...I hear that it'll all be over by 6.30, and they're offering free mugs of cocoa as you leave...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

So it wasn't Des O'Rectum then? Thank God - I wondered if you might have taken to following Daniel O'Donnell instead. His 'concerts' probably get held in church halls and are over by 1900 so he can go home and watch the soaps!

At least you had a good time! X

Laura said...

Well at least you can say that you and gig buddy had an experiance that know one else had. That's worth £50 of anybodys money.

DAB said...

You rock baby! :-) TFX

A Confused Take That Fan said...

IF only Bobby and co were as Rock and ROll as you Auntie...
Sounds like a good night.
Although skiving off parents evening and having a smoke down an alley...are you sure you aren't 16???

Mom/Mum said...

That was so funny AG! Bless you for getting there at the end - the Scream's age is obviously taking a toll on their late night sets eh?

All in all sounds like you had the kind of night i want to have!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lesson in how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. From now on I recommend arriving at all gigs just before the encore.

auntiegwen said...

Lisa - some days I am so pleased to be me, some days my life is so good, other days it's a pile of crap, just like everyone elses xx

NB - my dad has always called him Cliff Knickers, always ! my mum quite likes him, I bet everyone's mum likes him

Mob - my mum likes Danny boy too ! I did thank you x

Lolly - that's one thing Gig Buddy and I always have, an experience, quite often it's a different one that we planned to have but we always enjoy !

Tf - i do, in a very middle aged way ! x

ACTTF - we are so juvenile at times, but we do have a good time !

Mom/mum - can you believe it ? we were stunned !

Anon/Gig Buddy - as always, in our own inimitable style x