Sunday 23 November 2008

What goes on in their heads ?

Beautiful Baby Daughter

Can I have a hamster ?


Can I have a dog ?


Can I have a rabbit ?


You ARE a remarkably mean Mummy

Beautiful Eldest Daughter

Would my life have been different if I was Chinese ?


Would you still love me if I was a mouse ?


Can I have 2 wee fencer men to fight a dual over me ?

probably not

The Beautiful Son

It might be ok if you get married again

you've changed your tune

Well, if it was a cool person

what would make him cool ?

If he rode a motor bike


And he gave me money

how much money ?

£1.50 a day

So, gentlemen what are you waiting for ? For the grand total of £1.50 a day and obviously the outlay on the bike, a lifetime of married bliss with auntiegwen and her deranged weans await you !

I bet you can't wait ...


Tim Atkinson said...

It'd be cheaper to get a hamster!

DAB said...


Squirmy Popple said...

Ah, to be the age again where 1.50 a day seems like a really good amount of money.

Anonymous said...

Haha...they do keep life interesting don't they?

Shirley said...

They'll be lining up 'round the block. Want help interviewing? This could be fun!

Laura said...

Lol I love "Would you stil love me if I was a mouse?" Sounds like someone has been reading "The Witches" lol

Nota Bene said...

I'm with BBD on the pet..c'mon now
I'm with you on the mouse issue
I'm going to use the £1.50 a day to save up for the bike...

Mean Mom said...

Keep saying 'no' to the pets. Don't let them wear you down.

The whole package sounds like a bargain for someone, to me!

Anonymous said...

I think you're an offer no guy could refuse at that price! ;o)
Anyone wanting me gets 2 kids, 4 cats and 2 rats - not such a good deal huh?!

Mom/Mum said...

Sounds like he'd get a very good deal!

ME said...

Very cute, out of the mouths of our children!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Would you love me if I was a mouse?
you answer no?
Mean mummy.
And no to a hamster?
Mean mummy.
I can tell you are seriously considering the motorbike man for a £1.50 a day...

auntiegwen said...

Tim - no pets, I have children and that's plenty

TF - soemtimes ! x

katie - my son has the most disposable income in the house, with his paper round and his pocket money !!

Lisa - yep, that's a word for it, I can think of a few others

Shirley - strangely I've had very few offers !

Lolly - I've no clue what goes on in her head, I'm sure she doesn't herself !

NB - ok, she can get the pet after we get married but you've got to look after it when she gets bored which will be after about, oh 17 minutes !

mean Mom - yep I've resisted thus far, I reckon I'm on the home stretch, and thank you for that, if you know of anyone suitable please fling them my way !

penelope - it's not deterred TGI, has it ?

mom/mum - thanks, like I said to mean mum, anyone suitable, introduce me !

Craze - oh yep, you gotta love them x

ACTTF - yep I am a remarkably mean Mummy and I would seriously consider a man, motorbike or not !