Tuesday 4 November 2008

Tag, I'm it

I have been awarded and tagged (no, not electronically !) by the very lovely Mean Mom who's not mean in the slightest.

So the most indecisive woman in the world (that would be me) has to figure out

7 Things I plan to do before I die

Jeez, do we have to start with the hard ones ?, I can't even choose soup

Travel properly, there is still so much of the world I want to see

Get a psychology degree

Run a marathon

Work with orphans in Africa

Be able to be really and truly happy again

Live by myself sans children, yes I do love them but I'd like the house to be tidy occasionally and I'd enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Get married again , yes I do know I have to get divorced first and in the last one I said I wanted to live on my own, this is after I've lived on my own and got a bit lonely

7 Things I should do now

Cook my children's tea

I have a pile of marking waiting , I always have that

Lesson planning, ditto

I should clean my kitchen floor, it's bad, I should clean the whole feckin house, my father would be ashamed ( he does all the cleaning, what can I say, I take after my mother)

I need to buy cereal for tomorrow's breakfast, I forgot to when I went to Sainsbury's yesterday

I should phone the Royal Mail as they tried to deliver a signed for letter when I was at work

Unpack my bag from the weekend, shameful aren't I ?

7 Things I can't do

Eldest Beautiful Daughter rattled off a stream of these when I asked her what I couldn't do, I couldn't type this quick enough !

Make decisions

Tell my children off or punish them, I am soooooooooooo crap at that

Powerpoint presentations


Park successfully

Read maps/follow directions/get where I should be going on a first attempt

Remember things

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex

I actually did a fantasy new man list last year when I was full of enthusiasm for a man, he wasn't quite like my list and there were somethings on there I've changed my mind about, I do like alpha males again and now am a bit fed up with men in touch with their feminine side, so who knows what I'll like next year, to read the old list click here Get me with the hyperlinking , I'm a big fat show off, aren't I ?




Alpha males ( I like them to be in charge)


Athleticism - I think stamina is an under rated quality in a man

Sexiness - I like a twinkle in their eye

7 Things I say most often

Yep, I'll do that for you

Would you give yourself peace !

Feck off

Yes you do have to go to your dads to stay, yes I'm aware you don't like his girlfriend, yes I understand you feel that I'm a mean Mummy

Education gives you choices

I still get paid even if you all fail your A levels, I keep on at you because I want you to be the best you can be

They were all wee babies once and then life happened to them ( that raises many groans in our office and now they all join in in strangled tones !)

7 Favourite foods


Rum and raisin ice cream


Goat's cheese and roasted peppers panini's

Penne arribiata


Chips especially from a Glasgow chippie

Well, I'm done now, hope that wasn't too boring for you. I'm supposed to tag 7 other bloggers, so would any of you care to join in ?
I know Neil won't but any of the others ?
What about the newer bloggers ?
No ?, oh go on, I know you want to really
You can blame it on me, say that ultrabossy/nosy auntiegwen made you do it.
I'd like to know more about you.


Mean Mom said...

So much you want to do in your life and I just wanted to finish my ironing! I do hope that you get to be really and truly happy again, very soon.

I'm can't do the map reading and parking things, either. It seems that you either can, or you can't.

I think that you will need more than one man to fulfil those criteria, you know. There's your answer!

I had to look up cranachan. It sounds delicious!

Thanks for doing the meme. Like suburbia, you speak from the heart and it is very touching.

Tim Atkinson said...

That's a long one, AG, so I think I'll politely decline. (It'd take ages - I've got a note from matron, you know!)

Anonymous said...

Nicely done girl! We have so many of those in common!

ME said...

This is fun I'll have to do it! Travel is on my list as well.

Laura said...

What's Cranachan?

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I've done absolutely everything on your list - honestly.Oh and I'm of to the moon next week!

Great list but I'm knackered just reading it. Yes one day you will be truly happy - you deserve to be.

Mom/Mum said...

great list. I'd like to travel more too and learn to cook and oh -go to sainsbury's again before i forget what those orange carrier bags are like. Or do they not give them out anymore what with saving the planet n all (obviously that environmental cutback hasnt hit Midwest America yet as they only bloody pack about 2 items per plastic bag, leaving you with 100 bags to schlep home which is extremely environmentally unfriendly...whoops. Am ranting, when am supposed to be complimenting you.
Love the way you write. Wish I'd had a teacher like you for my A Levels.

Mom/Mum said...

P.S Just looked at your profile and realised we have 3 favourite books in common - Thirteenth Tale, Last Chance Saloon and My Sisters Keeper - all of which has kept me up well past midnight. See, I knew I liked you!

Casdok said...

Great list! I had to look up cranachan too!

scrappysue said...

some of those food items sounded unpronouncable!!! great tag tho - i feel i know u just a little bit better now!!!

auntiegwen said...

mean mom - I am relatively happy most days, my peace of mind is priceless to me as I've had it rough for a while but onwards and upwards ! thank you for asking me x

Tim - well okay, if Matron says so

Lisa - so similar, separated at birth by the pond !

Craze - come visit me !

Lolly, lolly, Lolly - you should try it, it's a pudding with cram, honey, oatmeal, whisky and raspberries !

Mob - I hope I do now, I really was a bad ass grade A bitch for a while but I'm trying to improve myself !

mom/mum - you can always tell when you meet one of your own !

casdok - it really is yummy, hope you and C are good x

Sue - when you come over for the Sue blogs the UK tour, I'll make it for you x