Sunday 2 October 2011

10 Best Presents

In October I like to do do 10 posts about 10 things, last year I was a bit tardy and had to do 11 posts of 11 things in November. This year I'm trying to get back on track. In no particular order

My teddy, given to me the day I was born by my auntie Gloria, he's called Michael and over the years he's gone from yellow to pale cream but it's the one of the few things I still have from my childhood.

My dolls house, with sliding glass doors and a roof that was hinged to lift up, made for me by my grampa who was a joiner, I was gutted when it rotted out in the shed and gadget mad dad threw it out. I was about 30 at the time. I'm still a bit gutted to be honest.

My bike, I had a Raliegh chopper, I was 9 and thought I was so cool, I think I was the only girl to have one, mine was purple.

My Kindle - God how I love it, wasn't sure if I would but I do.

My ipod shuffle, it's a tiny wee pink clip on one, and I can't run without it.

My childhood photos, taken from slides and made into prints, given to me as a gift when I had my first daughter so I could see if we were alike, we were/are.

My mothers day poems - written by my son and younger daughter and loved all the more for the spelling within.

My wooden hearts - each child wrote their message on their heart and gave it to me for my 40th birthday. They sit in a bowl on my windowsill that my niece Cat brought me back from her trip to Malawi.

My "Windows in the West" print by Avril Paton, hangs on my bedroom wall and is the first thing I see when I wake up.

My engagement ring - I looked at gazillions of rings and tried on a fair few. I kept saying I'd know mine when I put it on. I was right, it fitted perfectly and despite the cost, he knew it was mine and gave me it. I will cherish the ring and the memory of the love I felt at that moment for the rest of my life.

I'm a bit gutted I didn't have room for my sat nav, as it's been one of the most useful presents I've ever had, maybe I should have waited and did this in November. You see, even when I'm being efficient it goes agin me.


Nota Bene said...

I'm envious of the Chopper...we were never allowed them! The comment about the engagement is really very moving indeed...lovely x

Rarelesserspotted said...

What a great list Auntie, thanks for sharing and bringing back a few memories, particularly teddy. I also love my iPod, it goes everywhere with me.
You have shocked me though - you run?
Calm down girl.

AGuidingLife said...

I wanted a chopper, I wanted a chopper, I wanted a get the JEALOUS point :)

I think you are a very blessed lady, especially to have a ring wrapped in that much love. Those moments, for all the water under the bridge, are still pools that stay forever.

Gigi said...

I'm jealous about the hearts! What a beautiful and wonderful gift. That would be one that would make me cry and I'd cherish it forever....unfortunately, neither of the other two people living in this house would ever think to do something like that on their own.

I also love the way you described the way your engagement ring makes you feel. I like mine okay; but wasn't given the opportunity to look for one - he bought it as a surprise. Well surprise! It looked JUST like my mom's ring. So now I have two that are almost identical.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I think the hearts are just lovely as well :) I have had my Panda since birth too and now my Angel is continuing the tradition with her little pink hooded teddy x

libby said...

Dolls houses...always end up rotting in sheds somehow...and yet we want them so desperately as kids. Your items (and I have seen some of them) are truly among the best presents a gal can have and I know you treasure them all.x

auntiegwen said...

NB - all the cool kids had choppers, that wa smy problem, I peaked too early

Steve- I want a bigger Ipod for Christmas, don't fret there ain't much running going on at present, my backside which is the size of a small house shows that xxx

S - aw I'd have let you have a go of my bike.

Gigi - my daughter says she wants her ring given to her when she is proposed to, I'd be scared I didn't like the ring. Oh I definitely wanted to choose my own but I'm glad you like yours even if it is like your mums

LFBS - aah, mine still have a teddy from their childhood too xx

Libs - my girls had a dolls house but never really enjoyed it much, i gave theirs to the local playgroup xx

Sueann said...

Love your list!!!! I have yet to get a Kindle..hoping for one at Christmas time!! Ha!

auntiegwen said...

SueAnn - wai for the new one, smaller. lighter and cheaper, not too shabby

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Okay, all those presents are cool, but I LOVE the wooden hearts idea, how sweet!

Helena said...

What a lovely picture to wake to every morning. Puts me in mind of a great auntie I used to visit. No matter how the family tried, she wouldn't give up that little flat!

An endearing list, Gwen!

auntiegwen said...

Megan - yep I am a huge fan of anything heart shaped

Lena - I hope I end up in a wee flat like that, only 4 more years till Lucy goes to uni :)