Wednesday 26 October 2011

10 things my children are quite cross with me about

I have spectacularly failed to be a millionaire and keep them in ponies and Jack Wills all the live long day.

Eldest Beautiful Daughter is cross that she is going to have to get a part time job. This is because she didn't get a job in the summer and save some cash for term time. She is extremely cross that I am not financing her drinking oops sorry studies this year. Her life would be so much easier if I just kept giving her £60 a week for food oops sorry supernoodles and alcohol, wouldn't it?

She is cross that she didn't get to come to Turkey with us last week and missed out on a free holiday. This is due to uni students not having a half term break. The point that it's the university that sets the timetable and not me has escaped her.

EBD is also cross that she isn't allowed to keep her bigger bedroom now that she doesn't live here, when she comes back in the holidays she will have to sleep in BBD's smaller room.

I will not let Beautiful Baby Daughter die her gorgeous titian tresses jet black. She is properly cross with me about this but I will not have it. Yes, I am aware that at 15 I dyed my hair jet black and at 15 her elder sister dyed her hair jet black, I just can't bear the thought of my baby dying her hair.

BBD is cross that I expect her to live in 1 bedroom, she has now spread her crap over her old bedroom and into the bedroom grudgingly vacated by EBD. That means there are 2 bedrooms that look like Beirut on a bad day.

BBD is annoyed that she always has her birthday on holiday, she sometimes has to wait for big presents until we return, she has to delay her party as most of her friends are away tooand she feels it's not as good as when you have a birthday at your own house. My conception of her was very poorly timed, in her opinion.

The Beautiful Son is cross that I won't leave him home alone overnight, especially now he is 16. EBD was at uni before she spent a night alone. I don't like to leave him alone for an evening.

TBS is cross that I impose an 11pm curfew during the school week, he thinks if he can get up for his paper round and school then he should be able to come in at anytime that takes his fancy.

TBS is cross if I go anywhere without him that isn't work or the supermarket. He gets very tetchy if I go out for a meal or God forbid, a gig or a weekend away. I so can't wait till he has a girlfriend and I'll whinge and whine to be taken with them. Everywhere.


Gigi said...

Darn those children! They ALWAYS think the world revolves around them. ;)

Expat mum said...

Sounds like my life, except my younger is 8, not 15!! So I have the college whiner, the 16 year old whiner, and the 8 year old who is currently in trouble at school for a minor skirmish. Oh, and of course, everything is also my fault.

AGuidingLife said...

You can see where they are coming from ! Are they mistakenly assuming you are their friend and forgetting you are their parent? Am I blog confused did you not come home to a knackered kitchen worktop once? That would be enough for me to say never alone ever ever ever...

family Affairs said...

Seriously. SO the same. We can do no right. We are unreasonable in every way. I don't know how we can even show our face in public Lx

Nota Bene said...

I've been to Beirut. It's very lovely indeed. Now. It's is the teens right to be tetchy about everything and your place is to be in the wrong regardless

Ayak said...

Ah but prepared for the next stage...when they are in their late 20s like mine they know everything about everything...I know nothing...they are always right and I am always wrong. They are experts...I have no knowledge of anything.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Glad you got back from Turkey safely and we have Beirut here too and I have the pictures to prove it :)

auntiegwen said...

Gigi - well, mine certainly do

EM - ah, I thought it was mine, excellent I'll let my children know

S - yep that was the first time I'd left Laura anged 19 and a half home alone, that stain is still there, despite everything I've tried

Lu - I know, we should just give all our cash and good stuff to the kids and stay at home and clean and bake x

NB - oh wise guru and expert on teenagers - there are 2 on their way to you right now, as you are so understanding

Ayak - oh mine are very advanced they have already surmised I know nothing

LFBS - glad to know it's not only me then :)

Sandi said...

Hehe, I remember my kids getting shitty because I got to go on an aeroplane once without them (my first time) I was 40ish and they were teenagers. Luckily I have escaped a lot of 'It's not fair' Ya gotta love them tho' they are tryers.
x Sandi

Dusty Spider said...

I'm afraid it gets worse Auntie. I thought my grandchildren would appreciate my wisdom - WRONG! I thought my children would appreciate my good advice - WRONG! I thought I would have lots of time to myself with no responsibilities - WRONG, WRONG and WRONG AGAIN!

Working Mum said...

Funny how children get cross when they are being responsibly parented!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I think you need to moderate the comments (see above!!!) darling daughter is not speaking to me today as I've not allowed her to go clubbing up the west end of London tonight with her two jail bait twin friends.....They are almost 18 and think they are grown up, but the clubs are full of middle aged perves (yes I speak form experience!!) so said no! Firm parenting - yay bring it on!!!! Mae xx

auntiegwen said...

Sandi - that's the very word for them, they are trying. To Olympic standard.

Flick - welcome back :) now you've burst my bubble I was looking forward to being wise old Grandma

WM - yes that is strange, isn't it?

Mr Rambo - unfortunate name, no?

Mae - yes we will stand firm together, and drink gin :)