Friday 14 October 2011

10 Things I miss

Apart from my sanity and youth, that is... More along the lines of things you can't buy anymore, this list appears to be food and drink related.

Cadbury creme bears - like creme eggs but you got them at Christmas. They came in a box made to look like a shop window, I loved them but very few people remember them, they were real, honest

Cremola foam - crystals that you mixed with water and it made a fizzy drink, gawdonlyknows what it did to my teeth and insides but as a child I loved them

Fry's five centres chocolate - milk chocolate with fruit flavoured cream centres, the fruit all mixed together, it never corresponded that 1 segment would have 1 flavour, just a bit mushed. We were easier pleased in the 70's.

Fruit toffos - lovely rot your teeth fruit flavoured toffees

Tudor crisps - so much better than Golden wonder which retailed at 2 and 1/2p per packet. Tudor were only 2p bargain and they had a great advert with paperboys and a strap line of "a canny bag of Tudor"

Tennants lager with ladies on the back - not to drink, I used to look at them in shops and pick my favourite girl, yep I was a strange child

Lucozade - when you were a poorly girl or boy you got Lucozade. It was only sold in chemists and the bottle was covered in orange cellophane. It seemed magic to me and always made me feel better.

Kraft macaroni cheese - came in a box, you cooked the macaroni and made the sauce from a powder in a shade of orange visible from space and in my house was always served up with chips and peas. That was my favourite tea when I was young.

Swiss nougat - I only had this when the Ideal Home Show came to the Kelvin Hall. We went every year and this was a strawberry flavoured non sticky version, the texture of fudge but less sweet. It was what I always spent my money on.

MB bars - chocolate with a cream filling but surprisingly firm in texture, a bit like a Frys chocolate cream bar but nicer.

So then, what foods do you miss from your formative years?


Nota Bene said...

Well I'm currently missing 10 reasons to got to Turkey...

I also loved Fry's Five Centre chocolate, Lucozade is not what it was, and I am worried about your passion for semi-naked girls on cans of extra strong lager, which is the preferred choice of down and outs

I miss Opal Mints, Liquorice flavour Toffo, Victory V Gums. But I absolutely DO NOT miss the Vesta meals my mum used to give us

Have a great holiday x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I've never seen Kraft macaroni cheese, but hear our American friends mention it lots...

Tudor crisps and fruity toffos - Now, you're talking! And, as for the Fry's bar, do you remember the Dairy Milk bar with about six different choccies in one bar? Must have been hell to manufacture!

I am looking forward to the Turkish posting, as well as the Delight - Still, a favourite of mine! xxx

Anonymous said...

I remember the Cadbury creme bears, they also did pandas with strawberry creme in - was beginning to think I had imagined them as my brothers tell me they never existed :) I miss Aztec bars and both my son and daughter have been known to request lucozade mainly when poorly but occasionally when not!! I don't think lucozade or Tizer taste the same as they did when I was small.

Have a lovely holiday, Chris x

Anonymous said...

Spangles and penny arrows. And my mum's home made steak and kidney pudding.

Subville said...

OMG Kraft Macaroni. My utter favourite. Total comfort food, and no-one in England seems to know what it is. I'd kill for summa that right now *dribble* x

Pam said...

MB bars are still available at the sweetie shop at the Barras.

Sandi said...

We still have Kraft Macaroni Cheese here!!!! I was sick on Frys choc once so not a good memory for me, the rest I haven't heard of, apart from the Cadbury bears. I miss my taste buds things taste 'less than'
x Sandi

AGuidingLife said...

flat cornflake chocolate crispy cakes the size of a small pizza.

meat minced up at home from the left over roast and cooked up with no.. corned beef hash ...bubble and squeek from sunday roast leftovers, slightly burnt and covered in brown sauce

ahh bless you girl, you've rushed me back to the indigestion of my youth.