Thursday 20 October 2011

10 things I have learned about my youngest daughter

Today Beautiful Baby Daughter is 15. I have no idea how that happened, as clearly I'm only 29, ahem. The BBD is the most complex of the offspring and from the get go she required a more flexible approach to parenting. I wonder if this is true of other youngest children?

She is always right, even when she is clearly wrong, she will argue her point until you agree or your ears bleed, whichever comes first

She is startlingly and astonishingly messy, like no other child I've ever met and yet she is so fastidious about her work and her appearance

She is a brilliant young leader at Girls Brigade, she is adored by the little ones

She has a deep seated faith and a genuine belief that God will look after us

She is appalled by racism and truly astonished when she comes across it

She loves heinz tomato soup and would eat it every day

She thinks mayonnaise is the work of Satan

She has a frankly too high capacity for crap telly, Hollyoaks, Big Brother, Eastenders et al

She gave up her cheerleading place when she realised that she was holding her group back. That decision showed real maturity and thought for others, a fine example of team spirit.

She will rule the world one day, but only if she wants to. If she prefers she will stay in her jammies, drinking Heinz tomato soup from a mug and watching crap telly.

Lucy Abigail, your middle name is Hebrew for my fathers delight, which you are but as always, you are mo chridhe, my heart and every day I am thankful you are mine.


libby said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy, and Happy Birth-day to you Auntie x

Anonymous said...

Most of that sounds perfectly normal to me!

You are a very luck Mum.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Happy Birthday Lucy :)

Sueann said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! You are beautiful!!

Gigi said...

Happy Birthday to your very beautiful girl! Ahhh, Auntie, where does the time go?

Sandi said...

Ahhh, the unconditional love of a mumma. Happy birthday to your very BBD Lucy, you have such gorgeous children for sure.
xx Sandi

Nota Bene said...

Happy birthday to her. Hope you all have a brilliant day to day

Elderberry-Rob said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, she is lovely.

AGuidingLife said...

cool girl

Rarelesserspotted said...

What a fantastic article - her mother's daughter. X

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Lovely girl.

Anonymous said...

She is a beauty! Daughters are a blessing - I love mine to bits and am so proud of niece has just had her first baby - a girl - and it took me back to when I had mine - the look of love in my nieces eyes and how in love she is with her baby brough tears to my eyes! Yay to daughters!! Mae xxx

Helena said...

Pretty Baby indeed. Belated birthday wishes.

Mrs Worthington said...

Yet again I read you blog and think how similar. My 15 year old daughter also has a penchant for noodles as well as Heinz Tomato soup, can spend hours over her hair, has amazing finger nails and is often called Stig of the Dump due to the state of her room.