Thursday 7 May 2015

A little bit of red

Clearly I am knocking on a bit now but today my youngest child voted in her very first election. Gawd, that really makes me feel old. Not overly impressed was she with the whole procedure and peeved she couldn't vote for the SNP, strangely they had no candidates standing in Market Harborough. When she was small, she came with me to vote and made everyone in the queue laugh by asking in a very loud and crystal clear voice "Are you voting for the conservatory party or Tony Bloody Blair?" I think I would be more excited about voting if they promised me a free conservatory, I do miss having one.

I am in a very cba place re this election, I have always been political, I have marched protested and generally got off my arse to try and change things. I have always, always voted and been grateful that I could do so. Yet this time I feel totally disconnected from it, I know my that my little bit of red will not make any change  here and we will return our very blue MP of 23 years, a titled QC no less, I am sure if we met, Sir Edward and I, we would get on like a house on fire and find loads of common ground, I expect he has worked in the public service all his life too and been a single parent with a mortgage and lots of money worries. he probably grew up on a council estate in Glasgow, just like me.

I am used to the feeling that whatever I voted it really wouldn't make much difference as I grew up in Scotland during the 1980's & 1990's, where were no Tory MP's in the whole of Scotland but Thatch & Major got a go of the big job anyway. So I am not sure why I feel so meh about it. But meh I feel.

Still, my little bit of red will balance out my husband's little bit of blue.