Tuesday 29 October 2019

The 2019 post

Clearly a post a year is about all I can manage which is very poor effort.  But whilst I have remembered the password to get in I shall crack on.

Since August last year....
I have started a new job in September, a very part time and with lovely long holidays. I am now a Matron ( no sniggering at the back now) in a boarding school.  I must have missed teenagers living with me... am I mad?
In October Mr auntiegwen/mradventuresin reality who is a worse blogger than me bought a campervan. It's not one of the fancy ones that I would have liked but it's still fantastic, I properly love it. We've named her Duff as she was in the beginning and she makes a duff duff duff noise as she starts. I have fairy lights and bunting a go go and mr auntiegwen lets me because he wouldn't spend the good cash money to buy one of the fancy ones so feels guilty and let me decorate her. Mr auntiegwen thinks Duff is male and continues to refer to Duff as he, Duff is a girl, she has the bunting and fairy lights to prove it.
I lost my mum in November, sad but a blessing as her dementia robbed her of herself
I gained a son in law in December as Eldest Beautiful Daughter got married. The wedding was ace and fab and wonderful, we were quite overexcited and if I told you the tales you wouldn't believe me
Winter was a bit rubbish, nothing much happened but we discovered Peaky Blinders and binged on all 5 series, late to the party as always
We went to Cuba, Cambodia & Vietnam and then a cheeky week in Malta but mainly we trundled along in our camper, Norfolk and the coast there being a big fave.

We keep trundling on, we're happy and healthy, not too shabby is it?