Monday 25 April 2016

In which auntie considers her place in the workforce

I have been asked by one of the marketing managers at work to join LinkedIn. They feel my profile needs raising. I have had a look, am I missing something or is it showing off for grown ups? I have signed up as we know compliance is aunties middle name and  I have duly added enough characters about myself to make a short tweet, auntie no likey the showy offy.

Anyhoo, I now get emails from LinkedIn asking me if I know people. This mornings selection included a chap who I booked a taxi from in 2013, a man who sells office furniture and my ex husband.

Sometimes you have to concede the point to the marketing johnnies don't you? 

Ps - feel free to connect with me, I need all the help I can get

Tuesday 12 April 2016

A family holiday - part eleventy million

We have been to Deutschland again, this time visiting Eldest Beautiful Daughter. Just to add to the stress levels of intercontinental driving in a clapped out Astra, we decided to up the ante by taking The Boy wonder, the one the husband made earlier and gadget mad dad as we thought a wee trip would be nice for them. We had the joy of  all being together 24 hours a day as gadget mad dad got EBD's bedroom, the only bedroom in the flat, we were sleeping on EBD's sofa bed, she was on a blow up mattress borrowed from her friend Sian and the boy wonder was in a sleeping bag on a sleeping roll. ALL IN THE LOUNGE, YES THATS RIGHT, ALL IN THE LOUNGE (in capitals for emphasis) sorry for the lack of rantie auntie warning

 The road to Hell is paved with good intentions is the phrase that comes to mind.

Things we found out

The energy levels of a 10 year old boy and a just out of hospital pensioner aren't as compatible as we had hoped
No one in the world walks slower than my dad, no one 
The boy wonder can talk at great length and about the same thing if he is interested in the subject - this time top of the chat was nerf guns and his birthday present of Intellegente ( this is goo in a tin essentially, you can shape it and snap it and mould it but goo in a tin)
My dad can talk at great length and about the same thing if he is interested in the subject, his top chat was how he manages to get antiques worthy of the roadshow for thruppence ha'penny from every charity shop in Glasgow
The Boy Wonder sees food as a challenge, he will not be defeated by dinner, Even if his dinner will dribble out his ears
My dad really only wants to sit and drink tea and smoke. If he can do this in a place you can also find in Glasgow like McDonalds, so much the better
If the man in the ice cream shop has forgotten a scoop of tiramisu ice cream and not just stuck it in the bottom of the boy wonders cone as we mistakenly thought, it can take TBW a really long time to get over
Having to pay 50 cents for using a public toilet can take my dad a really long time to get over
The boy wonder is the noisiest and most restless sleeper known to man
My dad is the noisiest breather known to man, especially first thing in the morning, we hadn't anticipated holidaying with Lord Vader
The boy wonder is unable to think what might be useful for him to take with him on holiday or out for the day independently, this includes his glasses which he needs for reading and for his tablet which along with talking and eating make up every minute of his waking day although he did bring a stuffed toy donkey
My dad is unable to think what might be useful for him to take on holiday independently, this included warm clothes, travel insurance and a camera, no donkey though
Both the boy wonder and the dad said they enjoyed it, even if both of them looked at times like they'd rather be doing what they usually do at home

And that dear readers is a flavour of this years family holiday, there was more but I wasn't sure if you scare easy.