Thursday 20 June 2013

In which we have a new house...

We have a new house... dah dah dun, cue the scary music.

I didn't properly remember all the details of the house, I don't think we spent much time in it, to be honest, I've spent longer trying to buy shoes.

We did not realise, when we viewed it, that we were buying a house from Mr & Mrs McMankypants. It was quite a shock to discover that the house hadn't been cleaned, it seems, since we viewed it several months ago. The oven was truly filthy, the loos weren't great and I had to empty my dyson no less than 3 times and the carpets still aren't good. We could have lived without the 2 inches of dog poo in the bottom of the wheely bin too.

Moving on

We have lots of stuff to buy, underfloor heating to install, wardrobes to be built in, showers and tiling to be put in, old kitchen to be turned into an office, builders to get started on the new kitchen/diner/family room conservatory thingy we I have requested demanded. The garden also needs landscaping and the decking needs tarting up. We also have to replace every curtain pole, blinds and curtains as every single room has a very naked window, consequently on the few nights we have stayed we have to be very careful about my very naked husband. We also seem to have a distinct lack of window sills, I didn't realise how much I liked them (or filled them up with stuff to be more truthful) So we have a list as long as your arm of stuff we have to do, and what have we achieved?

Currently we have an airbed, several scented candles and a nice blank wall to watch films on

So to recap, I wanted to buy a very old house so I could completely remodel it inside, himself wanted a newish house so he didn't have to do all the work, so we could just move in and live.

Now you wouldn't be surprised to hear that our house is all of 4 years old, would you?