Saturday 22 March 2014

In which I have left it too late again, the 2014 remix

On a theme of old.

I still need to lose weight. I have been running again and all was going splendidly. Then I hurt my back, walking, sitting still and lying down became problematic and I am usually ace at them. My back got better now so I had a run, a really nice 4 miles, I properly enjoyed it. I got home and found I had a blister covering the back of my right ankle. It had started off as a small rub from my new cheerful "I might be middle aged but my feet look jaunty" shoes

Except my shoes are even jauntier than those as instead of plain old laces, I have red ribbons. You'd be dead jealous apart from the blister it gave me. You will be pleased I haven't added a photo of my blister, it is a lot less jaunty than the shoes.

So, I am still trying to lose weight (as ever) but I love food and my husband loves cooking, we are a match made in heaven, I just need to move around more. He also likes to buy me bottles of gin, I kept buying Bombay Sapphire, which I love but on recommendation from Curry Queen we now love Sipsmith and courtesy of our local fab shop we found a brilliant gin made here in Market Harborough, God but I love this place, it's called Two Birds When you have gin you have to have some nibbles with it, it'd be rude not to. Hence the ferocious amount of weight gained.

It has now come to my knowledge that I am about to go on holiday, which is great, we will be sans weans, which is greater and it will be sunny, greatest of great.

What is less great is that where we are going will be full of honeymoon couples, therefore I will be surrounded by women 2 decades younger and 2 stone lighter as they will have all been on a diet for years before their wedding so they will be all skinny on the day and honeymoon thereafter. Due to another bout of spectacular bad planning and general failure of life stuff, my honeymoon is happening a mere 15 months after our nuptials. Any weight I had lost has had time to be found.

Also whilst I am away, it will be Mother's day and this will be the first time in 22 years that I have not had any one of my children with me.

Before you feel too sorry for me, I shall fess up, it's a lot easier to miss your weans when you've already had a week swanning round Sri Lanka and are now sitting on your own wee deck of your own wee water villa in the Maldives, I bet the sun will dry my tears up a treat.

See you in a fortnight.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Food & work - part 2 work

Sometimes I think being Glaswegian doesn't help me when people ask me to do stuff I find weird. I think my Glaswegian ness shows on my face. Or perhaps I am just fundamentally unsuited to corporate bollocks.

I have been to That London to attend a training course and several meetings. I have had to have extensive training just so I can go to meetings, effectively. My Glaswegian ness was in full force then. I could not have been more Glaswegian if I tried and I have had a lot of practice due to my advanced age

My friend Lou (also Glaswegian) texted me when I was away asking what I was up to. I believe my reply was 5 words long, letting her know my location and included the words team building shite. Succinct.

I loathe with a passion ice breakers and stuff like that, I would like to do my job and not go to another meeting as long as I live. I get the fear when we are asked to go round the table being asked things that aren't job related. I can answer job related questions with no fear at all. I can even use 2 bob words and pronounce them correctly.

At the end of the 2 days, I could have been wearing a see you Jimmy comedy wig and tartan bunnet as I was asked, and I shit you not, " tell me what colour you feel?"

At this point my Glaswegian DNA exploded. All over the desk, a mix of irn bu, MB bars and chips.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

In my mother's mind

It's not been easy dealing with my mum having no short term memory, I'm not as patient or as kind as I would be with your mother and it's hard to keep positive as it is progressive and it's not going to get better. But genuinely, today I had my first proper laugh about the whole thing.

I was speaking to her on the phone and I asked what she's been up to. I was hugely surprised when she told me she'd taken the bus and gone to visit my sister. My dad who's been with her 24 hours a day for months and knows she's not been on a bus since about 1975 gently tells her she's mistaken. She then takes the arse with him and starts telling him all about her bus pass and that he's forgotten and maybe he should get his memory checked. She then told him to go jump in the Clyde.

Still, it's nice that she had a wee bus trip, even if it was imaginary. And as my dad says, she'll have forgotten she's cross with him by the time the kettle's boiled.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Food & work - part 1 Food

Following on from my husband telling me I was only interested in food and work. Today after a visit to the loo, I pulled up my pants and they actually disintegrated down the right hip seam.

Either all the food he makes me has actually made me burst out of my knickers or I now have super human strength due to all this improved nutrition as never before have I managed to break my pants. Ever. And I am 47.

I don't care for any of those scenarios

Clearly Marks & Spencer's quality control lady had nipped outside for a smoke on the day my no VPL low rise thong left the factory.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Bedroom chatters

Every morning my husband talks to me, a big lot, till I wake up. Tis his usual habit, he does love a chat, so I get a good 45minutes of chat every morning. That's another little bit of married bliss that was new to me, I had trained the children not to speak until I was fully caffeinated, then I get himself, chatty is his middle name. He talks before and during my first coffee of the day. This has taken quite a deal of acclimatising to.

Andrew will chat about anything, he feels quite entitled to share his opinion on everything in the world and beyond with me, his opinion doesn't necessarily need to be wanted or qualified, I am his wife, therefore I will want to hear it.

Today's topic of choice was the moon. He was amazed that I didn't know someone had driven a car on it and that there was golf clubs and a family photo of some astronaut's wean on it. Frankly at 6.30 am I don't know my own name, I don't care about that either.

I told him so and qualified this with, "I don't have the spare brain capacity to wonder about someone's wean's photie being on the moon"

To which he replied "Yep, unless it's about what's for your dinner or neurological disorders, you're not interested"

Just my bloody luck for the honeymoon to be over before your food and work obsessed auntie has actually got on the plane.

Tuesday 11 March 2014


Today my eldest beautiful daughter is 22, that was a bit of a shocker for me, in my head I'm about 35 I think!

For the first time in her life I won't see her on her birthday as she is in Dusseldorf and it's a bit far to pop over for a pizza and a glass of wine. Melancholy wee soul that I am I wonder if it will be like this from now on in, she doesn't have any plans to come back to the UK, she has signed up for another year teaching in Germany and then think she might transfer to the Madrid school.

I'm really, really pleased she's doing this, if you have been reading this blog for a while, she was my chick that had to be shoved out of the nest, she wasn't at all keen on this independence malarkey at all but she's now embraced it.

So happy birthday to my practice child, you mean the world to me and I am so privileged to be your Mummy.