Thursday 14 June 2007

Man in training

After being out for the evening, when I was going up to bed I noticed that The Beautiful Son's light was shining under his door. Thinking he'd fallen asleep with the light on, I went in to switch it off. TBS was sitting on his floor, completely filthy, looking absolutely knackered and playing on his xbox. I asked him why he was still up at quarter to 11 and he replied " No one told me to go to bed "
How long would he have stayed up ? All night ?

Then I had a bit of a moan about his mud covered legs all over the cream carpet and asked him why he hadn't got washed. His reply " No one ran me a bath"

So there you have it, a man in training, completely incapable of self care or independent thought.


lisa q. said...

haha...too'd better get to training that boy! hehe :D

Helena said...

Ain't it a weird thing selective capability? Hand them a tenner and they work out what to do with it no problem!

lisa q. said...

hey girl...sadly, the date was a disaster :( i've posted the details in the comments...

have a fabulous day!