Sunday 9 September 2007

His First Gig

The Beautiful Son went to his first gig on Friday night at the grand old age of 12. He went to see a local band called Freefallfelix, their lead guitarist called Ed teaches TBS to play the electric guitar.

Ed is a very, very hot boy around here and I make loads of teenage girls jealous as I have his mobile no and he will text me from time to time about TBS lessons, you want to hear teenage girls squeal when my phone beeps and I ever so casually say " Oh, it's Ed " Eldest Beautiful Daughter also thinks Ed is pretty ( her expression, not mine) I know what constitutes hot and pretty to them but it's so far removed from what I think would be attractive, as my mother would say " You wouldn't even dust it !!! "

TBS really really wanted to go and see Ed and the band but like I say, he is only 12 and usually these gigs are for 14 plus. EBD, her friend NIki and the matey boys were going, so I knew there would be 7 others there and I said he could go if they promised to mind him and he promised not to be a pain in the arse to them and behave himself.

Off they all went, all promising faithfully to look after him and not to drink till after I'd picked him up, when they were all going on to a party. When they arrived the doorman asked TBS how old he was and TBS replied 12 before they could say 14 for him !! After a bit of pleading he was allowed in and was under strict instructions by the doorman to keep a low profile.

EBD said as soon as the first chords were struck up, he disappeared right into the front of the mosh pit, where he remained until the gig ended, she spent the entire evening in a mix of being worried about what she was going to tell me if they broke him and admiration for him as he moshed his little heart out. She would catch occasional glimpses of him as he crowd surfed like a pro, both with his shirt on and off !!!

The Matey boys were so impressed and they now say they won't go to a gig without him, he is chief mosh boy. He had the time of his life and I'm so glad I let him go.


Poetess said...

"You wouldn't even dust it"

I must remember that one.

Children grow up so quickly.

Thanks for comments on my blog.


lisa q. said...

too funny! sounds like they had a fabulous time! :P

Anonymous said...

Sounds like TBS had himself a great time. Too bad he almost blew it for himself thought.

Glad the rest of them was able to get him in though. And that they had a good time too.

Great times had by all it seems. And the night was a winner!!!!!

DAB said...

The gift of the first gig....
Life without live music would be the pits.....

Gwen said...

Your first gig is an important step in the ladder of life's rich pageant (or something). Whatever, it's pretty important and something he will always remember. Good on him.

Helena said...

Good on TBS! Sounds like a true gigger if he managed in the mosh pit for so long! could make a small fortune with that phone number, Gwen!

auntiegwen said...

I just love my son. he really is the best wee thing. I'm going to find it really hard when I'm not his no 1 favourite female any more.