Saturday 6 October 2007

Things you should never say

Me to my group of trainee nursery nurses

I'll mark and return all of your 2000 word assignments to you in 1 week

Me to Eldest Beautiful Daughter

Yeah, I'll drive you to David's on Fri night ( I ended up doing 2 trips as I couldn't fit all The Matey Boys in the car and spent from 6pm till 7.40 pm in my car)

The Beautiful Man to me, when looking at old photographs of me

God, you used to be a big old bird, didn't you ? Did Gordon have to open the double doors for you ?

The Beautiful Mans mother to me

It's not that it's not lovely to meet you Gwen, but it's just so strange that you're not Caroline

Beautiful Baby Daughter to me, in the car with all 3 beautiful children and The Beautiful Man driving at speed

If you get married again, can I be your bridesmaid ?

To his credit, he didn't crash


lisa q. said...

oh goodness! too funny! did you smack The Beautiful Man? hehe! :D

Helena said...

Brilliant! I bet TBM felt rather awkward at his mum's and in the car! lol.

Old dears and kiddies are the best examples. I can remember when my oldest was four and told my ex mum-in-law that I said she always had a face like thunder...!

Gwen said...

That is so funny. If I may I will relate one from a chap trying to impress me - You don't need to worry about going out in the cold with all your layers of fat to keep you warm.

I didn't see him after that!!

auntiegwen said...

Oh it's a laugh a minute in my life at present !!!

Lisa I didn't smack him, he knows he will be blogged, that might curb him

Lena I hope you like M I L no 2 better !!!

Gwen I'm not surprised