Wednesday 26 March 2008

Tech feckin ology

It is a well known fact that I struggle with technology. Last week I was slagging off my head of department Ricky for being on Facebook, asking him why when he's a grown up and he told my learners that Miss is 20th century and he's 21st... very true

The Beautiful Eldest Daughter was given a swanky new laptop for her birthday and waited at least 17 minutes before demanding that she be allowed internet access. It sounds quite simple, we have broadband, someone tried to set up a wireless router for me a few months ago when I got my laptop but it didn't work. Now I accepted that some technology just isn't for me, I only use my laptop for work stuff and I now have a wee stick thing I save stuff on and then if required, one of the Beautiful Children will email it from the main pc. So I have managed to not require this router thingy to work. I adapt to what I have available, very 20th century.

Will this be acceptable for herself, oh no. She got her dad to get a new router and he spent a huge ammount of time trying to get that to work. The problem appears to be that our pc is ancient, it is so slow, has no sound and has to have a wee rest after an hour or so (a bit like me really !!!) and does not have something that sounds like ethanet drivers, I neither know nor care.

The upshot of this is not only have I forked out for a new laptop for her and 2 routers I now have to buy a new pc to allow her to access myspace from her bed. The whole point of the laptop was for homework, which last time I checked didn't include myspace or msn as part of the gcse curriculum.

Tech feckin ology .. it's the future and it's expensive


Anonymous said...

Um, you was conned into beleiving by BED that it would only be used for HOMEWORK??? auntiegwen you should has known better. But me is very surprised that BED couldnt get it up and runnin herself. Kids seem to know more about internet technology that us acient (( sp )) folks. Its one of them crosses we has to bear.

Me would have thought that you would know that myspace, and MSN was CRITICAL to doing homework assignments. hehehehehe yea, yea me a funny girl

love and symphathy

auntiegwen said...

I really should know better, shouldn't I ?