Tuesday 19 January 2010

Stories and Songs Meme

I have been tagged by the lovely Brighton Mum for a musical themed meme.

Apologies to the readers who've been with me for the last 3 years since this blog started and know my story.

In the summer of 2006 my marriage was ending. Scary stuff but I was changing and little by little I could feel the old pre mummy pre wife me coming back. I didn't listen to music very much during my marriage, I seemed to have got out of the habit, in my car I had children's stories and songs and when in my husbands car I listened to his choice of music so it wasn't especially significant to me.

I was given "Hot Fuss" as a 40th birthday gift and enjoyed it so when "Sam's Town" came out in October of 2006 I was bought a copy. I loved it, I was beginning to listen to music much more and the track that seemed to express how I was changing and evolving into the me I am now. This song has become my own personal anthem for my new life.

In August 2008, 2 years post split I went to see The Killers at Marlay Park in Dublin, see picture above for a very happy auntie at the gig. The wifey me would never have spent that kind of money on herself but auntiegwen me felt it was worth every penny. This band and song re-ignited in me the passion I had for music and gigs. It was probably the best gig of my life.

And the first song they played was "For Reasons Unknown".

Please feel free to play along.


Anonymous said...

I see Auntiegwen is a much happier princess now! I like you like this.


Chic Mama said...

What a lovely story and a great reason for loving a song. Hmmm this is a tough one, I've no idea what interesting musical story I have to tell. X

libby said...

Good on you missy....you found you again...and that feeling you get when you hear a certain song, that internal heart stop? well there's nothing like that is there?

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

What a wonderful story! You look a very, very happy bunny in that photo. I love that music is the backdrop, ups & downs, to all our lives.

Muddling Along said...

I love how relaxed and happy you look in the photo - how great that you've found that place now !

Loving the song too

Anonymous said...

It's a great song and a great picture. I wish you continued happiness.

Helena said...

I'll be honest, Gwen. I've not really given The Killers a fair hearing, even with PrettyBoy having all their albums.

But I just listened to the studio recording of this song and it's a neat catchy little number to boot.

Poignant anthem, Gwen. Good on ya girl!

No promises, but I might just borrow the album........X

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

It's amazing how life can seem so new and exciting after a divorce. I had a wonderful time, and learnt to put myself first occasionally.

Laura said...

What great story and fab song too.

vegemitevix said...

I missed this post but what a funny co-incidence - I also rediscovered music and concerts, and theatre and dancing when my marriage ended (2005). I felt like the old Vicki (pre-wife, pre-mummy) was back. x