Monday 21 March 2011

3 by 9

When Mrs W asks, Mrs W gets, even in the same week! boy am I impressed with my blogging efficiency

Three names I go by: Mummy, auntiegwen and Wendy

Three places I’ve lived: Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leicestershire

Three places I’ve worked: Hospitals, schools and home (boy do I work at home!)

Three things I love to watch: Sex and the city, Chewin the fat, Take me out (my very guilty and now not so secret pleasure)

Three places I have been & love: what, other than Scotland?

Olu Deniz and surrounding area, Turkey - my other home, Inshallah may it always be so

Paris - my favourite city

New York - it edged Prague and Barcelona and Rome and Portofino, just

Three people that email me regularly: work, work and work although out of work it has to be Libby and I sometimes have people who read the blog email me, I love these emails, I love any non work related emails

Three things I love to eat: cake especially coffee cake, strawberries, pizza

Three things I am looking forward to: my decree absolute and the recognition of the beginning of my new life it brings, summer as I am heartily fed up of lack of sunshine, and getting back into shape and being less of a lardy auntie.

I am supposed to tag 3 readers but I am rubbish at choosing and I know lots of my bloggy friends have already been tagged, I would like to hear from all of you so please consider yourself tagged, I know lots of lady bloggers will as I've read a few already so what about the boys? did anyone tag them, panic not, it's not kiss chase so Steve, Troy, Nota Bene and Andy would you like to play?


Sueann said...

Wow! Your favorite cities are amazing! I have never been to any of them, except NYC!! And I loved that!!!!
Very cool

Troy said...

I'm really pleased that (a) I've been tagged for something for the first time in ages and it will get me out of my blogging lethargy and (b) someone else likes "Take Me Out" as I love the corny, non-stop humour in it.
A game of kiss chase might have been fun too.

auntiegwen said...

SueAnn - I love America, haven't seen nearly enough yet xx

Troy - aawh so pleased for finding another Take me outer, :)glad you'll be playing along and I'm sure you could find a way of playing bloggy kiss chase if you put your mind to it

John said...

Three places you've lived in are amazing!
Where in the World Will I Live?

Mrs Worthington said...

you are so glamourous!

Andy said...

Crikey, well I'd better get my thinking cap on then.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you loved NY (and another recommendation there from SueAnn too I see); so far no one has had a bad word to say about it so I am looking forward to it more each day.

Attila loves Take Me Out.

libby said...

Glad that your new life has already started and is going grand! speak soon xx

Nota Bene said...

THANKS for the tag....surely Edinburgh and Glasgow only count as one place?? :-)

Helena said...

I'm glad Chewin the Fat made it in your top 3....and *whisper* I watch Paddy's programme on a Saturday night, too....for the kids' sake of course....

auntiegwen said...

John - okay I'll take your word for it

Mrs W - yep that's how everyone describes me, especially me in my jammies

Andy - don't fret, just a game

Alienne - I spent 8 days there and I still didn't see everything I wanted to

Libby - not too shabby is it? xx

NB - well of course, outside of London is all one place

Lena - it'd be rude to not watch Paddy wouldn't it?