Thursday 4 August 2011

Hi honey, I'm home

Eldest Beautiful Daughter and her friends Poonam and Joe were quite confused when they saw, what they described as "a small Asian woman" walk up the path and let herself in the front door.

I am back and extremely tanned following my trip to Turkey, I am like an Cadbury's creme egg in human form, small, round and brown.

The house and EBD have survived, my Bombay Sapphire has taken quite a hit and you can still see the outline of Joe's vomit on the front doorstep but compared to Joe's mums return and finding the breakage of both her and her beloved deceased grandmas wedding china, I think I've got off quite lightly.


Nota Bene said...

Well must have brought your lovely children up very well...he vomited outside the house...well trained!

P.S. Not talking to you until you're pale and pasty like me again

Andy said...

When you say the gin has taken quite a hit, do you mean at the hands of the EBD & co, or the bottle in Turkey?

Just wondering.....

Working Mum said...

I will learn from you and hide both my Bombay Sapphire and wedding china if I ever leave daughter home alone as a teenager!

auntiegwen said...

NB - well Joe's mum deserves the credit for that really. I must impress the importance of that upon my son. I'm sorry you're not talking to me, but with this weather I should be white again in no time

Andy - erm both really

WM - EBD suggested I should give my wedding china to Joe's mum but I don't think my wedding china would bring any good Karma to them

libby said...

Got any white bits? and at least the house was still standing, so result.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Excellent result, or is there some stuff you're saving up to tell us later?

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Jealous of your brown-ness. I remember going away for just one night and Son having a celebration party for the end of GCSEs. When I came back the house was beautifully tidy and clean, but all the stuff had been put back in the wrong places :-)M xx

Mrs Worthington said...

You are so trusting. I am leaving my son when I go to Scotland to collect daughter at end of the hols. at the moment he thinks I am away 1 night only he doesn't know abut the other 2 nights yet. Brown is good!

Sandi said...

Hehe, brown, round asian woman, eh with a scots accent, yep I can picture that!! Glad you had a great time and your home survived, except your front step.
x Sandi

auntiegwen said...

Libs - got loads of white bits as my arse is the size of a small African country :(

LFBS - unless there's more stuff to come out, you know as much as I do

M - at least they cleaned up x

Mrs W - yeah but I'm going to have a face like a handbag before long, a very brown handbag but still a handbag

Sandi - stange thing the step, what had he been eating? more likely drinking? xx

Sueann said...

Good lessons to learn...hide the china!!! And put the sapphire in the lock box!!
Vomited on the porch huh? Ewwww!
TMI for sure
Love your newest description. A small brown Asian woman...ha
I snorted my coffee on that one